Press Statement

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:

                                             On A.K. Anthony’s anti-Marxist Outbursts

The Kerala Chief Minister, A.K. Anthony, beleagured by the sharp differences within his party, has found it expedient to launch an attack on the CPI(M). The series of accusations and charges emanating from Anthony have the ring of desperation and of a person who protests too much.

The CPI(M) and the LDF in Kerala are in no way obliged to bale him out of the unenviable position he finds himself in. Since the formation of the UDF government in Kerala in 2001, Anthony has distinguished himself by ushering in an era of sectarian caste-communal politics which is harmful for the democratic polity and the state. He has the notorious record of molly-coddlying the likes of Togadia and giving legitimacy to the RSS and its outfits. Here is a Chief Minister, who refused to order even a judicial enquiry into the Muthanga firing and unleashed ferocious repression on the opposition which exercised its legitimate right to demand one. Hundreds of CPI(M) leaders and cadres were injured and hospitalized in a single day of lathi-charges. In any other state, if this had happened, the likes of Anthony would have been screaming about the murder of democracy. As for the economy of Kerala, the destruction of the livelihood of lakhs of families in the traditional industries is just one example of his disastrous policies.

The foundation of Anthony’s politics is anti-Marxist. It is not circumscribed to Kerala and West Bengal but will harm the secular and democratic forces in the entire country.

In such a situation, the CPI(M) will resolutely fight the Anthony led UDF government. The advance of this struggle and the intensification of the divisions within the Congress by forces opposing his policies, seems to have led to the unbalanced outbursts. There is no need for any conspiracy on the part of the CPI(M) and the LDF to topple Anthony. His own deeds are proving to be his undoing.