Press Statement

The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:

Kerala: The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) hails the resounding victory of the Left Democratic Front in Kerala. It thanks the people of Kerala for once again reposing faith in the LDF and relelecting it to form the next government. This has happened after more than four decades that the incumbent has been reelected. The LDF’s performance has been better than in the last assembly election.

The people of Kerala have voted on the performance of the incumbent government, the alternative policies  pursued, the manner in which all the natural calamities were tackled, the pandemic and its fall out were handled, welfare measures undertaken and safeguarding the secular democratic harmonious character of Kerala society. 

Bengal: The BJP suffered a severe setback despite its money power and manipulations in West Bengal. The people of Bengal have very clearly rejected the ideology of communal polarisation.

The performance of the Sanjukta Morcha and the Left has been very disappointing. Peoples urge to defeat the BJP led to a  sharp polarisation squeezing out the Sanjukta Morcha. A self-critical review of these results will be undertaken by the Party to draw needed lessons.

Tamilnadu: The DMK-led front in Tamilnadu has secured an impressive victory. The people of Tamilnadu have rejected the AIADMK-BJP alliance and defeated the incumbent AIADMK government. 

Assam: The BJP has retained its government in Assam. The Mahajot put up a good fight.

Puducherry: The NR Congress appears to be  getting a majority along with its allies.

Overall, these results are a severe setback for the BJP. Despite all its efforts to rouse communal feelings, of spending huge amounts of money, manipulating the system and the electoral apparatus, they failed to elicit people’s support.

These results must further strengthen the people’s movements and struggles in the country to safeguard the secular democratic character of the Indian Republic and for vastly improving the living conditions of the people.