The Haryana State Secretariat of CPI(M) has expressed deep anguish over partisan attitude of BJP led Government of Haryana in dealing with the 25th May 2015 communal attack on the minority community in Atali village of Faridabad district. In a statement the State Secretariat of the Party has condemned the administration for its utter failure to restore a sense of security among the victims of one sided violence, who are still complled to camp in Ballabhgarh Police Station since the past six days.


A team from the CPI(M) State Committee, led by Party State Committee member Satbir Singh along with Faridabad District Organising Committee Seretary KD Mishra, CITU Leader Virender Malik, Nirantar Parashar, Vijay Kumar Jha and others visited the village, on Thursday, i.e. 28th May 2015, to ascertain the facts and meet the affected Muslim minority community members. According to findings of the team the attack was pre-planned game of hardcore Hindutava elements, who misled the people through rumor mongering and incited the armed mob to demolish the under construction mosque which was actually renovated wih full legal sanction.


The party has critisised the administration for not arresting the real conspirators and perpetrators of communal violence so far. Instead a desparate bid was being made to force the minority community members for a so called compromise. Similar dubious methods were used in Sonepat also where Balmiki community was forced to withdraw their complaint of violent attack on their colony by the armed RSS goons recently.


The State Secretariat of the Party has demanded all necessary steps to create an atmosphere of security so that affected Muslim minority villagers could return to their homes. The culprits be arrested, compesation be paid for damaged properties & injured persons and completion of Mosque construction. Party appeals to common people of all communities to maintain amity and harmony and isolate the elements belonging to BJP who are indulging in communal politics.