Friends who have been following developments in West Bengal will be familiar with the targeting and attacks on activists, workers and supporters of the Left parties particularly the CPI(M) in the run-up to the Assembly elections. 388 men and women, most of them belonging to the poorer and socially oppressed sections were brutally killed by the TMC-Maoists combine and in some places by the Congress, since the Lok Sabha elections in 2009. Houses were burnt and hundreds displaced, their crime being that they refused to put down the red flag that they held in their hands.
Since May 13 and the TMC combine victory, there has been a qualitative change in the situation with the powers of the State Government being fully used to back the aggressors. Twelve CPI(M) leaders and one RSP leader, and supporters have been killed in the first week of the results being announced. In the course of elections in other parts of the country, parties win or lose and the changeover is usually without incident. But in West Bengal the defeat of the Left Front has been accompanied by the unleashing of terror in many parts of the State not witnessed anywhere else in the country. The aim is two fold: firstly to attack in those constituencies and areas where the Left has been able to withstand the slogan of change and maintain a presence. The targeted attacks in W.Midnapore, Bankura and Burdwan are examples. The second aim is to generally spread terror and fear among supporters of the Left and teach them a “lesson.” In particular the offices of trade unions, elected student unions as well as party offices are being attacked.
It would be a mistake to see these attacks in isolation. The political aim is to prevent the Left from regrouping after its electoral reverses so as to weaken any opposition to moves to reverse the historical achievements of the people of W.Bengal under the Left front regime and to weaken the democratic rights of the people so assiduously advanced and strengthened by the Left front Government.
It is clear that this process is aimed to deny the Left the opportunity to regroup and mobilize the people against policies and moves which would adversely affect the life and livelihood of the people which is already under heavy onslaught because of the neo liberal policies pursued by the Central Government. This is not an issue which concerns W.Bengal alone, but which challenges the basic premises of the functioning of minimum norms of democracy in our country.
The Post-Regime-Change Violence:
The qualitatively new dimension of the new situation is now playing out in the full. And the new pattern is also becoming quite familiar. Even though these attacks and violence are concentrated against the Left and the CPI (M) in particular throughout the State, the focus of the violence is in the areas where the Left has actually won the elections despite all the odds. 
The “campaign” includes killing supporters, evicting them from their homes, imposing fines and financial penalties, physically capturing offices of Left Parties and that of democratic organisations and putting up TMC flags, taking recourse to extortions, wantonly beating up people and injuring and maiming them, torching homes, and so on and so forth – in short doing everything possible to terrorise people into submission and inaction, on the false plea to recover ‘arms, firearms and other lethal weapons’ which are supposedly stock piled by the CPI(M) ! 
This is so very common in the practice followed by forces which excel in persecution and is the antithesis of “Rule of Law” which the new Chief Minister argued for in her election campaign. It proceeds on the premise that TMC mobs will arbitrarily announce that arms are stocked up in the houses or party offices of the CPI(M) or other Left Parties. And then a mob would descend on the designated spot often themselves armed either with the police or without and force a raid. On many occasions the police have been forced to certify “Nil Seizure”. In many cases arms and on many occasions old rusted pieces are planted in the homes and in the party offices.   “Seizures”   are then officially established! This obnoxious exercise is also sought to be legitimized by wide coverage by sections of the media who unquestioningly and uncritically accept the version dished out by the TMC local leadership and their willing police accomplices. This is of course, new tenets of the rule of law that has come to dominate the new landscape of West Bengal. 
Of course, there are variations in the pattern. On occasions where the police officers have refused to completely go along the TMC game plan they have unceremoniously transferred them or even physically assaulted. A classic and symptomatic episode was on full view when the Director General of Police of the State in the middle of his Press Conference for announcing the discovery of arms in one of the areas which was affected by Maoist violence and was in the process of revealing that it included an automatic weapon which was captured by the Maoists during the assault on the EFR camp in Silda, was interrupted by a phone call. The call received by him in the full view of the media brought a dramatic change. He pointed out “the recovery of arms supposedly in the possession of Maoists along with arms recovered brings up a new angle about the facts with the Police!” he had to make this up because the police had already    filed a charge sheet detailing the Maoist role in the Silda massacre where 24 security men had been brutally killed. 
The Gory Trail of Killings:
Readers of this account will get an idea of the brutality of the violence against the CPI(M) through the terrible killing of a father and son in Kapasdanga village, Murshidabad. Mahabool Sheikh was a party sympathizer who had worked for the party candidate in the elections. On May 24th the Congress and TMC combine brought out a victory procession in the village. Mahabool was at home at the time. The processionists caught hold of him and started mercilessly beating him. His son, Musharraf Sheikh a young man working in Mumbai had come home at the time of the elections. He rushed to rescue his father. He was caught and tied up by the “victors.” He was thrown into the house and the house was set on fire. Musharraf was burnt alive. His father died of his injuries.   
The killing of Left leaders and activists did not wait for the swearing in of the new Government. It started of on the 13th night itself the day the election results were announced. Jiten Nundy, a Zonal Committee Member of the CPI(M) and a teacher by profession was dragged out of the party office and ruthlessly murdered in Garbeta in West Midnapur District. Incidentally, Garbeta is an assembly constituency which has been won by the CPI(M) and the Left.    On 14th May, the same day Comrade Nundy was brutally killed, Purnima Gharoi, a middle aged woman, a CPI (M) sympathiser in Raina village in Burdwan District was killed for the most unlikely of reasons advanced for attacking her. Her six year old grand-daughter had picked up a flower from a neighbour’s plant. This was the so-called provocation for beating up the young child and her mother. When Purnima tried to protect the them, she was so severely beaten up that she succumbed to her injuries in the hospital. Both in Garbeta and Raina the people had elected a CPI(M) MLA that was their crime.
So the tragic tale continues – of gruesome murders of men and women for their only ‘sin’ – their loyalty to the Left. Till 3rd of June, thirteen precious lives have been lost, from as far as North Dinajpur, on the foothills of the Darjeeling Hills, to the South 24 Parganas. Some of them were so gruesome that even the main stream media which had taken up the cudgels of the ‘absence of the rule of law’ during the Left Front had to front page these sordid episodes. 
Grievous Injuries:
Since the 13th of May, severe attacks are taking place with left activists bearing the main blunt despite the Chief Minister’s repeated assertions that there will be no reprisal on political grounds. When a delegation on the Left Front leadership in the Assembly met her recently she went further and declared that the TMC would not be organizing victory processions which in many cases were leading to these serious attacks. However, till now there are no visible signs of any change in the spree of violent attacks. 
It is very difficult to detail out the entire range of attacks which are most severe in West Midnapore, East Midnapore, parts of Bankura, Burdwan, Hoogly, Howrah and even Kolkata itself. A major aspect of these brutal attacks is highlighted by the fact that they are not sparing old, physically sick people and women. 
The degree of inhumanity can be gauged from the manner in which one of very senior and respected State Committee Member Sheikh Israel was assaulted in Ghatal. Com. Israel happens to be a septuagenarian and a cancer patient who was assaulted while he was on his way to attend an all party meeting convened by the administration for maintaining peace in the area. 
Attacks on Offices of Political Parties:
The assumption of office by the new Government have led to physically attacks, capture and forcible closure of CPI (M) offices. 
In West Midnapur alone, up to 3rd June, 2011, 207 CPI (M) offices have been ransacked or destroyed and 145 forcibly closed. 20 were looted and 3 were burnt down. At least 26 CPI (M) Zonal and Local Committee Offices were raided or searched without any legally valid search warrants. Similarly, in Burdwan 13 Offices have been forcibly closed in Raina and Burdwan. 118 Offices of CPI (M) and different mass organisations have been occupied by TMC in Bankura and about 40 in Hoogly have been attacked. In many cases FIRs have not been registered by the local police stations. And in any case there is hardly any response from the Police Administration to stop or to take punitive action. 
The fundamental right enshrined in the constitution to ensure freedom of association and carry out political activities has become a mockery with the assumption of the new Government.
Attack and Occupation of Trade Union & Mass Organisation Offices :
One of the major features of the post poll violence is the attack and forcible occupation of Trade Union offices mainly in the unorganised sector. In some cases even organized factory level offices are being forcibly captured. In some cases affiliations are being forcibly ensured. There is active connivance of the police in many of these illegal and violent acts perpetrated by the criminal elements of the TMC. 
Elected Student’s Union Offices are also proving to be a major focus of targeted attacks. In most cases outsiders – armed goons of the TMC are entering the college premises and forcibly capturing the student union offices. In many cases they are mercilessly beating up student activists and leadership of the elected student’s unions. The student leaders are being threatened either to surrender or to give undertaking that they will not be part of any student activity or they are asked to become part of the students’ wing of the ruling party. Fourteen student union offices in seven districts including four in Kolkata have been forcibly captured by the TMC.
Panchayat Offices
The attacks are also taking place to forcibly stop the functioning of panchayats led by the Left Parties. Elected Panchayat Members are being forced to tender their resignations. As a result of these illegal and violent acts in many villages developmental work under the panchayats have come to a stand still. 
Attack on houses and forcible eviction and ousters from residences :
A large number of Left activists have been rendered homeless as a result of the continued violent attacks and severe attacks on their very lives. 
In West Midnapore alone 3108 CPI (M) activists and supporters have been forced to leave their houses under severe attacks. 41 houses haves been ransacked and destroyed. In East Midnapore more than 1000 have been rendered homeless. In Bankura 982 families have been forced to leave their residence, similarly in Burdwan about 200 people have been forced to leave their houses. In North 24 Parganas 1135 people are forced to leave with their houses looted. In many cases small shop owners find their only means of livelihood looted. 
Against Women
Shockingly there have been cases of rape and sexual harassment of women in Teghoria in Meenakha in North 24 Parganas District, Chandpur in Amta in Howrah District. In one case two women from the minority community have been sexually assaulted. They were totally traumatized and one of them threatened to commit suicide when a family member tried to take her to the police to register a case. Women in some villages in Burdwan and East Midnapore have also been sexually harassed. There have been numerous cases where unruly mobs of drunk men have stormed into houses of CPI(M) sympathizers with green coloured powder, symbolizing the TMC colour, and have forcibly rubbed it onto the women in spite of their protests. In these incidents, the women have been sexually harassed. Taunts, verbal abuse, sexist remarks are some of the other methods of harassment and torture that hundreds of women sympathizers of the Left have to confront almost on a daily basis.
A dangerous drive of extortion is taking place throughout the state. Hundreds of CPI(M) supporters and villagers have been forced to give ‘fines’ and ‘donations’ to TMC of thousands of rupees. Villagers were served ‘notices’ with amount of money declared by TMC as a ‘precondition ‘ to stay in the villages. Everyday TMC and in some areas Congress activists are threatening people to pay this money. In fact, it has become the principal tool of terror in rural Bengal.
To sum it up, these acts are major threat to democracy and democratic rights. 
Need for solidarity for restoration of peace and democracy and ‘Rule of Law’. 
The State of West Bengal has been and continues to be a bastion of the Left Movement. Even though the Left has been defeated in the election it has registered support from 41 per cent voters. This is higher than the popular votes held by ruling parties in many states; and of course by the incumbents of the Central ruling coalition itself. But, the West Bengal elections were not just about a change in the Government. It was more about removing and eliminating the Left forces which have always been in the forefront of struggles to protect the life and livelihood of poor people – of working people. The Left has also been in the forefront of the struggle for maintaining communal harmony and peace in the State. 
The W.Bengal Finance Minister an open and ardent advocate of neo-liberal policies has already declared that his task is to “dismantle” the Left policies. This means that behind the rhetoric and the slogans, the hard won achievements of the people led by the Left front Government as an alternative to the central Government policies, whether on the issue of land reforms, decentralization, pro-poor policies will be under attack from the new regime. The present violence against the Left is precisely to make this path easier. The post poll situation is marked by a vigorous campaign by the TMC led combine in this direction. Physical attacks and the denial of democracy is a major aspect of this new post poll situation. These issues are of concern to democratic minded people all over the country. Solidarity with the Left parties, the CPI(M) and the defence of the democratic rights of the people in W.Bengal is the need of the hour.
Post-poll Violence against Left Front
in West Bengal
( A summary, with incidents reported till 3rd June, 2011)
13 CPI(M) and Left Front leaders, activists and supporters have been murdered during the period14th May to 2nd June, 2011.
IN WEST MEDINIPUR: Zonal committee member of CPI(M) Jiten Nandi, a teacher by profession, was killed in Garbeta on 14th May. He was pulled out of the party office and ruthlessly murdered.
Rabi Shau, CPI(M) activist was kidnapped from Baita in Binpur block. His body was later recovered.
IN SOUTH 24 PARGANAS: CPI(M) activist Amal Samaddar was killed in Belgachi village of Baruipur on 21st May. He was beaten mercilessly until he was dead.
IN SOUTH DINAJPUR: RSP activist Sudeb Barman was killed in Balurghat on 30th May. He was stabbed by sharp weapon.
IN MURSHIDABAD: CPI(M) sympathizer Mahabul Sheikh and his son Musaraff Sheikh were killed in Kapasdanga village under Beldanga police station, Murshidabad district on 23rd May after the victory procession . Mahabul was dragged out and killed with choppers. Musaraff was burnt to death. The goons set fire to their house.
IN BIRBHUM: CPI(M) activist Md Khodarakha, 66 years old agricultural labourer, was killed in Sherpur village of Dakhalbati Gram Panchayat under Margram police station on 20th May. He was severely beaten by rod and lost life in the way to hospital.
IN HOOGLY: CPI(M) sympathizer Sheikh Sadahath was killed in Saota on 28th may. His dead body was found near the local jute field.
IN BANKURA: CPI(M) leader Ajit Lohar was killed in Taldangra on 15th May. He was mercilessly beaten.
IN NORTH DINAJPUR: CPI(M) activist Dahiruddin was killed in Chutiakhor of Chopra on 19th May. He was stabbed by sharp weapon.
IN BURDWAN: Purnima Gharui was killed in Raina Assembly constituency on 14th May. Ramprabesh Roy and Mundakala Roy were killed in Durgapur West Assembly constituency on 19th May.
IN SOUTH 24 PARGANAS:  CPI(M) activist Chandan Das was attacked by TMC workers in Kurali market of Baruipur. He had to be admitted to Baruipur hospital.
DYFI activist Vivek Pahari had to be admitted to Kakdwip hospital after he has been attacked by TMC workers in Sagar police station.
CPI(M) supporter Musaraff Sheikh was brutally beaten by TMC workers in Kalmikhali village of Bisnupur police station. He had to be treated in Amtala hospital.
CPI(M) activist Atibar Sheikh was beaten by TMC workers in Sirakol under Usthi police station and had to be treated in Diamondharbour             hospital.
IN HOOGLY:  Kinkar Adak, District Committee member of CPI(M) and Debu Chatterjee, District Secretariat member of CPI(M) were               severely attacked.
CPI(M) supporter Sukumar Samanta and Haripada Hajra were ruthlessly beaten in Rangtakhali village of Salepur 2 Gram Panchayat.
Zilia Parishad member Md Yasin was seriously injured after being ruthlessly beaten.
Subir Roy Choudhury, a CPI(M) activist and Bholanath Ghata, worker of Tarakeswar Municipality were heavily beaten in Tarakeswar. Naren Ghosh, Bula Majhi, Anil Sanki, Prasanta Ghosh, Nouser Ali Mandal, Anser Ali and Jahar Bera (pradhan of Chanpadanga Panchayat) were seriously wounded.
Several CPI(M) activists and supporters have been facing terror in Dhaniakhali and Gurap police station since the declaration of election results. Mansa Majhi was severely injured and had to be removed to the district hospital after being attacked by armed TMC goons.
CPI(M) activists Subho Basu, Gopal Ruidas, Haradhan Ghosh of Bhanhuda Dosh(2) Panchayat, Kashinath Mukherjee of Gurbari (2) Panchayat and Abdul Salam of Belmuri were seriously wounded.
Ganesh Roy and Baidyanath Malik of Jangipara were also heavily beaten.
IN BANKURA: A Reign of terror has been unleashed in nine police stations and total toll of TMC attack is 162— 10 (including 5 women) in Indas, 60 in Patrasayar, 14 in Kotolpur, 38 in Jaipur, 3 in Bisnupur, 1 in Simlipal, 2 in Sarenga, 12 in Taldangra and 16 in Sonamukhi. The list of seriously injured reads Sekhar Chatterjee in Jaipur; Sudhakar Santra, Raijan Khan, Nimai Nandi, Rakhal Singh (all teachers), Rabilochan Pal, Samser Sheikh in Hetia; Sanjit Mandal, Nabakumar Bhattacharjee (teachers) in Rautkhand; Uttam Mandal in Mainapur; Asoke Sarkar in Sekda; Sasadhar De, Basudeb Ganguly,Shyamapada Ganguly in Genia and Sudarshan Biswas in Basantpur.
IN HOWRAH: Sanjoy Singh was attacked IN Kajipara under Sibpur police station. He was attacked with rod and chopper.
CPI(M) activist Jayanta Mete had to be admitted to Belur State General Hospital with serious injury after being beaten heavily with iron rod in Purba Sapuipara near Belur station.
Visma Das, Branch Secretary of Mahiary Chandnibagan locality under Domjur police station and also a Panchayat member, his wife and nephew Gautam Das were injured when TMC goons ransacked their home.
Dipankar Dhara, a CPI(M) supporter was assaulted by a TMC gang in Parkolia village.
Samad Molla, a local physician had to be admitted tp Uluberia hospital after being attacked by a TMC gang in Chandpur village.
Even 7 year old Rannjit Burui and Mamani Burui were assaulted in Mithakundu village only because their father Tapan Burui being a CPI(M) supporter.
Chotu Ghorui and Dinkar Mandal were beaten in Mithakundu village.
CPI(M) activists Bablu Dhara,Anup Dhara, somnath Dhara and Haru Dhara were brutally attacked by TMC goons.
Armed TMC goons attacked the houses of activists and sympathizers of CPI(M) with bombs. Sandhya Devi had to be admitted to local hospital after serious injury.
CPI(M) activists Saju Mullick and Sheikh Hossen were severely injured by TMC attack in Chandpur Bazar under Amta police station.
Laksmikanta Mullick of Hasla village was seriously injured.
CPI(M) activists of Kaugachi Talpukur Bazar under Jagatballavpur police station Sheikh Sarafat Hossain and Sheikh Ahmed Hossain were ruthlessly beaten up. Sheikh Sarafat Hossain has to be hospitalized.
CPI(M) activists of Salkia under Golabari police station Samir Doloi, Bablu Adhikari and Kalu were severely beaten up.
Sanjay Sinha, CPI(M) activist of kajipara under Sibpur police station has to be hospitalized. Before that he became unconscious after tremendous assault and the invaders ransacked his home.
Kalyan Roy, local leader of CPI(M) in Bataitala under Sibpur police                 station, was attacked with revolver and heavy weapons. He has to be hospitalized.
IN EAST MEDINIPUR: Jamshed Ali and Kishore Pande, two CPI(M) leaders suffered head injury. Their hands were also broken. They were under treatment in Medinipur Medical College Hospital. Baqidyanath Das, CPI(M) activist of Jogiberi village was severely beaten up and has to be hospitalized.
Paramananda Bharati, the Left Front candidate of Nandigram assembly constituency and CPI(M) leader Asoke Guria were assaulted in Kobi Sukanta B.Ed. college. Santosh Ranjit and Sujoy Ranjit of Amgechi village suffered head injury. Ajit Mandal of Bissulia village is being treated in a hospital of Kolkata with bone fracture of waist after being ruthlessly beaten up.
TMC miscreants severely beat up 7 to 8 people from Harijanpalli of Khejuri. Among them the condition of Paban Ghorai is serious. TMC miscreants severely beat up 7 to 8 people from Harijanpalli.
IN BURDWAN: Safiquil Islam, a CPI(M) activist was assaulted in Jamalpur.
52 CPI(M) activists and supporters of different villages of Raina got injury due to the attack by TMC goons.
Several CPI(M) activists and supporters of Durgapur East assembly constituency were assaulted. Many of them have to be hospitalized. Complaint has been lodged in police station.
Veteran CPI(M) leader and former MLA Shyam Basu was attacked by TMC goons.
Two CPI(M) activists including Sheikh Hannan was attacked in Atpara village of Galsy assembly constituency.
IN WEST MEDINIPUR: Sheikh Israel, member of CPI(M) state committee was assaulted in Ghatal. Peasant leader Sridam Bera also has suffered serious injury. His house has been ransacked. Badal Rana, member of CPI(M) district committee, was also ruthlessly beaten up. He has suffered serious head injury.
Kanai Roy, member of CPI(M) district committee, has been injured by the brutal attack of the TMC hoodlums.
Santi Bhunia, a CPI(M) leader was assaulted in Bhadutala of Shalbani.
CPI(M) activists Swadesh Kuilla, Subrata Kuilla and Gaur Kuilla of Jharia village of Nayagram were beaten up by TMC miscreants. Several party workers were assaulted in Chandragram of Medinipur headquarter.
TMC hoodlums ransacked the house of Abdul Rahim, secretary of Dantan 2 zonal committee of CPI(M) , in the pretence of arms seizure. Abdul Rahim has to undergo bypass surgery recently. He became seriously ill due to the attack. Local O.C. Manik Chakraborty has also been assaulted when he came in rescue. He too has been under medical attention.
Gopal Adhikari, CPI(M) leader of Srinagar under Chandrakona, has been forced to come out of the house and beaten brutally, later he has not been allowed even to undergo medical treatment. Several CPI(M) activists and supporters of Krishnapur area have been assaulted.
Even women ICDS workers have not been spared, one of whom was severely beaten up and has now been admitted in the Garbeta Hospital in a critical condition. Four CPI(M) activists in Goaltore were severely beaten up and have been admitted to Bankura Medical College Hospital in critical condition.
CPI(M) activist of Salboni was tied to a tree and brutally beaten up by the TMC miscreants. Nimai Nayek, a CPI(M) leader has also been seriously injured by sudden attack of the TMC hoodlums. Five party activists were heavily beaten up in Saidpur.
IN KOLKATA: In Beleghata Amal Khatua, party leader and head master; party activist Tarun Karmakar and Susanta Das and five party sympathizers in wicker area of ward no.32 were assaulted. Samir Saha, Tinka Biswas, Netai Roy, Sankar Mandal, Kalpana Datta and Biswa Mandal were injured.
Julfikar Bhutto of Entally, veteran Radhaballav Sen of Beniapukur, party activists Sheikh Ahmed and Saeed Rahimuddin have suffered injury.
Nagendra Sribastav, Arati Das, Dola Fransis and Saheb Sribastav of Cossipur Belgachia have been injured. Secretary of Belgachia local committee Debananda Bhattacharya and local committee member Asish Basu were seriously injured. Secretary of Beniapukur local committee Mihirkanti Das and local committee member Dhiraj Datta were heavily beaten up. Biplab Roy, a DYFI activist of Behala was also attacked. Houses of severalparty sympathizers in Beleghata, Entally, Beniapukur, Tangra, Cossipur Belgachia and Ultadanga were attacked.
IN MURSHIDABAD: Houses of 25 CPI(M) activists were ransacked in Secendra. Five party activists have been assaulted in Giria. Sahjahan Khan of Teghari-1 locality has been seriously injured. Asiruddin Sheikh and his three family members have suffered from serious injury. Debasis Das, general secretary of Jangipur College students’ union, has also been assaulted.
Attack, Forcible Closure of CPI(M) Offices.
In West Midnapore, upto 3rd June, 207 CPI(M) offices have been ransacked or destroyed. 145 Party offices have been forcibly closed. 20 offices have been looted and 3were burnt. In addition to this, in the name of ‘ arms seizure’ at least 26 CPI(M) Zonal and local offices were raided or searched without any search warrants. TMC activists led the search, in many cases alongwith police. Some of the areas where such raids were conducted: Zonal committee offices in Keshpur, Kharagpur-1, Sankrail, Jhargram Town, Jhargram Rural, Shalboni, Pingla; Local committee offices in Khakurda, Bakhrabad, Kultikuri, Vadutala, Amarpur, Jhanra, Basanchora, Anandapur, Chutargeria, Kharkushma, Fulberia, Pirakata, Kashijhora, Enayetpur, Chandra, Kankabati, Dherua, Sahaspur. Nothing was found and in most cases police have refused to declare a seizure list. More than 25 Branch offices have been raided in same manner.
In Burdwan, CPI(M) Jamalpur Local committee office was attacked and badly damaged by TMC acitivists. In Raina 7 offices and in Burdwan North assembly constituency 6 offices have been forcibly closed.
In East Midnapore, Mugberia zonal office has been forcibly closed. Tamluk Rual zonal committee offices have been forcibly locked after ransacking. In the same manner Southkhand LC in Patashpur, Baratala LC in Khejuri, Digha Reyapara LC in Chandipur have been forcibly closed. Geokhali LC, Skerkhanchak in Khejuri were ransacked. 
In Bankura, 118 CPI(M) or mass organization offices have been either forcibly closed or occupied by TMC. These include :
In Indas, 1zonal office, 7 LC offices, 11 branch offices. In Patrasayer, 1zonal, 5LC, 15 branch offices. In Kotulpur, 7LC, 73 beanch offices. In Jaipur, 5LC, 17 branch offices. In Bishnupur 2LC, 1 branch offices. In Simlapal, 1LC, 1 branch. In Taldangra 3 LC offices. In Sonamukhi, 2LC offices. 
In Hooghly, 31 offices were attacked and locked in Goghat, 5 in Purshura, Zonal committee offices in Tareksewar, offices in Dasghara, Anantapur have been occupied by TMC. 
In Kolkata, Beleghata East LC, Belgachia East LC offices have been ransacked. Some Party branch offices were ransacked in Beleghata, Entally, Topsia.
CPI(M) offices have been attacked or forcibly closed in many places in Howrah, Coochbehar and North Dinajpur also. 
Attack, Occupation of Trade Union and Mass Organisation Offices
One of the major feature of post-poll violence is attack and forcible occupation of trade union offices, mainly in the unorganized sectors but in some cases in organized factory level trade unions also. Forcibly affiliations of unions are being changed.
In Kolkata, Webel and Esab India TU offices have been occupied in hyde road, Taratala area. Bus union office in Suren Sarkar road, Taxi stand in ballugunje, Taxi stand and hawker union office in Sealdaha, Bustee (slum) Fedration office in Tala and Hatibagan have been occupied. Many Auto Rickshaw, Taxi, Rickshaw, Hawker union offices in the city have been forcibly occupied by TMC. There was attack in CPWD workers union office in Nizam Palace, a central government office place and Left trade union leaders were badly beaten.
In Murshidabad, CITU office in Jangipur was ransacked. In Coochbehar, CITU office of transport workers has been occupied in Tufangaj town. CITU office in Guriahati has been occupied by TMC. In Jalpaiguri, CITU office has been occupied in Kathalbari in Alipurduar after an attack by armed TMC gang.
In East Midnapore, Union offices in Haldia have been attacked. Union offices in Tata Chemicals, Tata Steel, IOC, Lalbaba factory, Hindustan, Shaw Wallace contarctor workers union have been occupied and TMC flags have been hoisted. 
In Burdwan, CITU office in Debpur in Bhatar has been occupied. In Raina, 5 CITU offices have been occupied. In Raniganj, day long attack took place and many CITU offices were ransacked and looted.
In North 24 Parganas, at least 25 Union offices have been occupied in different areas. In South 24 Parganas, State Government Employees’ Co- ordination office has been occupied in Sagar RudranagarBlock office and TMC flag hoisted.
Student Union offices captured: Burdwan Raj College-Burdwan, Burdwan Bibekananda College-Burdwan, Bally lalbaba College-Howrah, Dumdum Motijheel College-North 24 Parganas, Uluberia College-Howrah, Narasinha Dutta College-Howrah, Khanakul Rammohan College-Hoogly, Goghat Kamarpukur Collge-Hoogly, Chapadanga Rabinda College-Hoogly, Gurudas College of Commerce-Kolkata, Bibekananda College-Kolkata, Jaipuria College-Kolkata, St. Paul’s College-Kolkata, Chandrakona College-West Midnapore
Attack on Houses , Eviction and Incidence of Forcible ouster from Residences
In West Midnapore, 2354 CPI(M) activists and supporters have been forced to leave their villages under severe attack. Among then, nearly 600 in Keshpur, 424 in Nayagram, 300 in Chandrakona2 , nearly 400 in Garbeta, 266 in Midnapore town. 41 houses have been ransacked and destroyed. 
In East Midnapore, 325 have been rendered homeless in Nandigram, Khejuri, Marshda, Patashpur, Bhagabanpur-2 block. CPI(M) supporters’ houses were attacked in Madhabgiri Jahuboni in Kanthi. In Ramnagar, TMC led armed attack in Bishwanathpur, a scheduled caste dominated village, left entire men folk of the village leaving. 
In Bankura, houses were looted and ransacked : 21 in Indas, 4 in Patrasayer, 3 each in Simlapal, Taldangra, Sonamukhi. In terrorized areas, 982 families left their residences. Those include 229 in Indas, 300 in Patrasayer, 42in Kotulpur, 30in Jaipur, 150 in Bishnupur, 15in Simlapal, 13 in Sarenga, 196 in Taldangra, 7 in Sonamukhi. 
In Burdwan, the number of homeless is as follows: 52 in Gherua village in Mangalkot, 6 in Bhatar, 76 in Raina, 20in Burdwan North, many families are still homeless in Katwa, Galsi.
In Aushgram, house of newly elected MLA Basudev Mete has been attacked and his wife was injured. In Galsi, MLA Sunil Mandal and MP Saidul Haque was blocked and Party activists were beaten up in front of them. 
In North 24 Parganas, 1040 people are homeless and their houses and shops were looted in Minakha. In Haroa, 35people are homeless. In Sashan, 450 CPI(M) supporters rendered homeless. CPI(M) leader Majid Ali’s house has been attacked. In Madhyamgra, 29 people have been forced to leave villages. 
In Murshidabad, 61 in Sekendra, 70 in Giria, 300 in Hurshi and Lochanpur in Raninagar are homeless.
In Kolkata, 36 CPI(M) supporters in Beleghata and 15 in Tapshia are homeless.
In South 24 Parganas, 150 CPI(M) activists and supporters are homeless In Bakeswar village in Bishnupur. 50 people are homeless in Dhapa.
In Birbhum, 81 in Bolpur, 61 in Nanur Assembly segment, 191 of 19 villages in Nanur block are homeless after TMC attack.
In Hooghly, 150 people are homeless in Purshura. In Khanakul, Left Front candidate Shuvra Parui’s house was attacked and ransacked. In Dhaniakhali and Gurap , CPI(M) supporters in many villages have been forced to leave homes. In Hajipur villages, even women and children of CPI(M) supporter families were compelled to flee. In Arambagh, Goghat, Tarekaswar, Purshura 40 houses and shops were attacked. In ramnarayanpur, 110 share croppers were evicted. 
In Purulia, TMC activists attacked in Napara In Pooncha and Panchayat member Saraswati Shabar was targeted. Many houses in this Shabar- tribal village were destroyed.
In Howrah, 250 CPI(M) supporters are homeless In villages In Udaynarayanpur police station. 350 pParty activists and supporters are homeless after TMC attack in Chandpur in Amta police station.
Incidence of molestation and rape have been reported from Tegharia in Minakha, Chandpur in Amta and some villages in Burdwan and East Midnapore. Hundreds of women have been tortured in various ways. 
Copy of the memorandum, submitted to Chief Minister by Left Front Legislators on 3rd June, 2011.
Leader of the opposition                                                  Legislative Assembly
                                       West Bengal
                                                                       Date. 3rd June, 2011
Smt. Mamata Banerjee
Chief Minister, West Bengal
Writer’s Buildings, Kolkata
The Left Front Legislature Party of West Bengal Legislative Assembly takes note with deep concern of the fact that the widespread violent attack that started on Left Leaders, workers and supporters, Left Party and mass organizations offices, Panchayats, Municipalities and other elected bodies, educational institutions at all stages, clubs, other cultural organizations following declaration of 15th Assembly Election Results is being continued and getting extended to widespread areas. Twelve comrades have been brutally murdered in last twenty days following 13th May, 2011. More than 425 comrades had been grievously injured and admitted into hospitals. Many more had been denied rights to lodge complaint and get treatment inspite of being injured in these attacks. In certain places police was obstructed and being attacked while making attempt to rescue them. Two members of the present Legislative Assembly, Basudeb Mete and Sunil Mondal were not spared from this attack. A couple of women has been allegedly raped and more than hundred of them have been victims of outrage of modesty and physical attack. Around 412 Party offices were attacked, ransacked and looted, five of them were burnt. This number for Trade Unions offices in organized sector will be more than 65. Besides these more than 445 Party, Trade Union and Mass organizational offices were forcibly occupied with Trinomool congress flags hoisted over them. More than 157 offices were put under lock & key after driving out everybody working there.
Taking the plea of so called ‘Arms recovery’, some Party and Trade Union offices, the houses of Left leaders and workers were surrounded by people with Trinomool flags, breaking upon their doors, dramas of recovery of unusable arms from even offices under lock & key and adjacent areas were organized. A section of media were informed well before these dramas were staged. Such conspiratorial events were organized in presence of police in some places and even without them in others. The Left Leaders and workers were arrested under false cases even after thorough search of the offices conducted jointly Trinommol people and police failed to recover anything. In certain places our comrades were brutally beaten and handed over to the police after putting some sort of arms in their hand. Ceaseless attacks on party offices, houses , shops and other establishments continues in the name of victory rallies even three weeks after declaration of the election results.
The number of people evicted from their houses is around 7351 as per the reports received so far. Many more left their home to places unknown which is not covered in this report because of non availability of information. However, in all most all areas under attack people have been asked not to live their home, not even to communicate with anybody outside, to pay fine, surrender and join Trinomool rallies with their flag. The peoples’ courts are being set up for their trial.
Seven college union offices have been attacked. The elected members of students’ union are being forced to resign, from their offices and organization and change over their loyalty. The meeting of the Court of Kalyani University have been attacked. The elected members of Panchyats, Municipalities are forced to resign, resort to defection or do illegal works as per unwritten instructions under threat.
The attacks on livelihood of people, land and wages and at work places by way of not allowing them to join their work continues. It’s a matter of great concern that the recorded share cropper, patta holders and even rayats are denied their right to land and their crops.
The Left Front Leaders along with MPs and MLAs are not being allowed to visit many of these areas under attack. On one side such incidences are happening in presence of police, where as permission is denied to Left Front to conduct meeting and rallies in certain places.
The summary of aforesaid incidences so far collected inspite of lot of difficulties is annexed herewith.
Hope, you will agree that it is impossible to continue the development programmes without maintaining a democratic atmosphere, law and order and protecting the hard earned right, live, livelihood and security of the people. May be you would also feel that your positive utterances about the right of the opposition inside and outside the House and your instructions not to take law into own hand and interfere in the impartial work of the police administration are not being followed in practice. These are some of the urgent humane problems which cannot afford to wait for indefinite time without resolution. It will not be unjustified to demand that there should be significant improvement of the situation by the next week itself with the effective intervention on behalf of the State Government. 
                                          Thanking you,  
 Sd/- Surjya Kanta Misra
Sd/-Subhas Naskar
       Deputy Leader of the Opposition Party
Sd/- Biswanath Karak
        Chief Whip of the Opposition Party
Other Representatives of The Left Front Legislature Party
Sd/- Abdur Rezzak Molla, Sd/- Deblina Hembram, Sd/- Anisur Rahaman Sarkar, Sd/- Paresh Chandra Adhikari, Sd/- Probodh Chandra Sinha, Sd/- Id Mohammad, Sd/- Anandamoy Mondal, Sd/- Chand Mohammad
June, 2011