March 6, 2018


Press Statement


The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:


In solidarity with democratic & peace loving people of Tripura:

Protest condemning RSS/BJP violence


The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) strongly condemns the unleashing of unprecedented violence and arson by the RSS/BJP all across the state of Tripura in the aftermath of their victory in the recent assembly election.


CPI(M) and Left Party offices and cadres are targetted with murderous assaults. The destruction of the statue of Lenin, is symbolic of the rabid anti – communist, anti – democratic fascistic character of the RSS.


A delegation of the CPI(M) and Left Parties MPs submitted a memorandum to PM today in Parliament detailing major incidents of such attacks. This memorandum is attached here with.


These attacks clearly demonstrate, once again, that the RSS/BJP rely mainly on unleashing political violence as means to advance their inherent anti-democratic agenda.


In solidarity with the CPI(M), Left Front and the democratic peace loving people of Tripura and Comrades who are facing these attacks, the PB of CPI(M) calls upon its units all across the country to organise protest actions exposing the inherent anti-democratic, anti people character and activities of RSS/BJP.






Text of the Memorandum to Prime Minister


The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) wishes to bring to your notice  that after the election results to the Legislative Assembly in Tripura are out, the goons of the BJP have unleashed a reign of terror and all-round attack on the members and supporters of the CPI(M), their houses, Party offices and mass organization offices throughout the state.  514 individuals were injured, 1539 houses were attacked, 196 houses  were set on fire, 134 Party offices were attacked and 208 Party offices were captured.  Many mass organisation offices also were attacked and captured.  The attacks are continuing. 


The State Committee of CPI(M) has informed the incidents occurred till 4 p.m. on March 5, which is attached.


We request your immediate intervention to stop these attacks and violence and to maintain peace and normalcy in the state before the situation getting further worsened.


          Thanking you,

Yours sincerely



(Mohd. Salim)

Member, Polit Bureau

Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha



Post –poll violence  by the BJP goons in Tripura

Figures  collected up to 4.00 p.m. on 5th March, 2018 

Number of incidents are increasing in every hours.



Physical attack, attack  on houses/ shops of CPI(M) supporters

Attack on Party Office

Attack on mass organisation   Offices

Capture of TMSU Office


6 including one Br. Secy physically tortured

1 at Manu Bankul

2 vandalised

8 TMSU offices captured


10 physically tortured

4 houses attacked ransacked

2 demolished

 CITU Sub Dinl.  office locked

2 TMSU office vandalised

5( including  3 Auto offices) captured


22 physically tortured

3 houses attacked

1 gutted

19 party offices ransacked

2 party offices gutted

3 ransacked of which 1 gutted



50 persons tortured

50 houses ransacked

 3 houses gutted

8 party offices vandalised (including 1 gutted at Chechua)

3 TMSU offices and 2 Auto workers office vandalised

1 TMSU office gutted

5 TMSU office captured.


4 houses attacked

1 LC office attacked


1 TMSU office captured


46 persons tortured

23 party offices vandalised

1 TMSU office gutted

6 TMSU offices captured


7 physically tortured

26 houses and shops of party leaders and supporters ransacked , looted

26 party offices vandalised looted


6 TMSU offices ransacked and captured 


21  physically tortured

1 house gutted

57  houses and ransacked and looted

8 party Office  vandalised

1 party office gutted

All booth offices of Charilam A/C demolished. Election is scheduled on 12/3/18.

6 party offices locked


4 captured


3 physically tortured and hospitalised,

68 houses ransacked, looted 22 houses completely gutted

2 rubber Pltns gutted destroying about 3000 plants

Many families displaced

2 personal cars gutted


2 LC offices fully gutted




6 physically tortured, one hospitalised

40 houses vandalised

3 houses gutted

6 Forcible subscription

8 party offices vandalised

2 party offices gutted

1 captured


5 TMSU Office and Auto offices captured.


8 physically tortured

More than 100 houses/shops ransacked, vandalised. 


11 party offices vandalised

4 party offices captured

Car of CPI(M) candidate damaged.

8 TMSU and Auto workers offices captured


13 physically tortured

 Candidate’s house attempted to attack

12 houses vandalised, looted

Sub Divisional office ransacked, cash looted

2 LC office gutted




60 physically tortured

400 houses ransacked, looted

5 houses gutted

2 Rubber Pltn gutted

Forcible collection of money from about 100 persons

7  party office vandalised

 5 party offices gutted 


1 CITU, 1 DYFI office ransacked

4 cars set on fire



4 physically tortured

20 houses ransacked

2 houses gutted

2 LC offices ransacked

4 party offices gutted 

1 captured.

5 cars crashed

3 TMSU , 1 SC Coord, and 1 CITU offices captured


102 physically tortured

252 houses  ransacked

300 houses looted

125 houses, Ponds and land forcibly occupied

150 shops ransacked, looted and set on fire.

47 offices set on fire

200 offices captured


11 ransacked

5 set on fire


15 TMSU office captured. 


Indiscriminate Pelting in  15 houses . 1 shop ransacked



4 CITU offices captured


19 physically tortured

4 houses( including one LC Secy)gutted

200 houses attacked, looted

1Rubber  Pltn  gutted

3 ponds forcibly netted

Forcible collection of money collected from 20 persons.

3 party offices vandalised, captured

2 cars, 2 Battery Autos and 2 bikes of Motor workers broken up

5 cap TMSU/CITU offices vandalised, captured.


 1 tortured & hospitalised



2 TMSU Offices



3 physically tortured 

37 house attacked

6 party ransacked


3TMSU offices captured


4 physically tortured 

1 house of party leader attacked

1 shop attacked

2 LC office ransacked and  locked



2 offices attack, ransacked

2 CITU office captured


3 houses attacked


2  CITU offices ransacked



120 tortured

35 hours ransacked

1 house set on fire

3 party office vandalised


1 Employees Coord Office ransacked

3 TMSU Office vandalised

4 TMSU Offices captured


3 physically tortured




2 TMSU offices captured


6 physically tortured

3 houses attacked

3 godowns Gutted,

 At Haflong 100 shops gutted due to explosion of crackers by BJP workers .

1 – LC office ransacked

2 TMSU office attacked

2 employees office attacked in several times.

3 TMSU offices at motor stand captured.


Individual torture- 514

Houses attacked- 1539

Houses set on fire -196


Party Office attacked -134

Party office gutted -64

Party Off. Captured- 208

Mass Orgn off attacked -38

Mass Orgn off captured -90