Biman Basu, Secretary, West Bengal state committee of CPI (M) has refuted any wrongdoing in maintaining a bank account in his name in which Party funds have been deposited. He termed as baseless the wild insinuation by a section of the media and the Trinamool Congress.

Biman Basu said that this account was opened on the basis of a resolution adopted by the West Bengal state committee. The decision was that the account would be opened in the name of Sailen Dasgupta, the then Party state secretary and Biman Basu. After the death of Sailen Dasgupta in 2001, his name was replaced by that of Nirupam Sen.

Basu said the details of this account are also audited. “We send annual audited report to Party central committee and through them to the Income Tax authorities.”

Basu said that this issue was being raised to mislead a section of people during the Panchayat elections.


INN/Kolkata, July 15, 2013