By elections to Coochbehar, Tamluk Loksabha and Manteswar assembly constituencies in West Bengal have turned into a total farce. The ruling party in the state created an atmosphere of terror even before the elections process was duly started. In many assembly areas the ruling party did not allow the Left Front to campaign, voters were threatened. On the day of voting, hundreads of polling booths were captured and false voting took place without any limit. The result and the margin of votes clearly reflect this farce.


When the democratic rights are being attacked the understanding between TMC and BJP is also clear. The attack by the ruling party is concentrated towards the Lefts and not against BJP. The communal forces are taking advantage of attacks on democracy.


Struggle to restore democracy and resist communal forces has to be intensified through independent initiatives of the Left parties, Left Front, broader Left unity and widest mobilization of Left , democratic and secular forces.