CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat has emphasized on working out concrete ways to fight against communal forces in all spheres of the society. Mass and class organizations have to enter into ideological, educational, cultural, social areas to effectively counter the influence of Hindutva forces in particular, he said while inaugurating the  24th West Bengal state conference of CPI(M) on March 9, 2015, at Promode Dasgupta Bhavan, Kolkata. The delegate session of the conference started this morning after a massive open rally in Brigade Parade Ground on March 8.

Karat hoisted the Red flag in the lawn, decorated by portraits of departed leaders. Biman Basu read out the condolence resolution on martyrs. After last state conference, 106 Left leaders, activists and supporters were killed by ruling party miscreants in the state. Karat and other Polit Bureau members offered their floral tributes at the martyrs’ column.

Polit Bureau members Sitaram Yechury, S R Pillai, Brinda Karat, Manik Sarkar, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee , Nirupam Sen, Suryakanta Misra are attending the conference. CPI(M) Tripura state committee secretary Bijan Dhar and Assam state secretary Uddhab Burman are also attending.

Explaining the national situation in his inaugural speech, Karat said, it is evident during the course of the last nine months that Modi government will not hesitate in ushering a full fledged attack on people. They are determined to transfer wealth to big capital, giving huge concessions to corporates, cut down welfare measures, and cut subsidies in social sectors. They have initiated the process of reducing food security. In the budget, huge cut in allocations for welfare sectors have been made.

Karat said that the RSS has now found a golden opportunity to push their Hindutva agenda. Unlike the Vajpayee government, they are now not only intervening but also co-coordinating the policies of the government. Coordination committees with ministries have been formed. RSS will try more and more to carry forward Hindutva ideology.

While reiterating the Party’s commitment to fight communal forces, Karat said, there are certain weaknesses in our fight against communal forces. We fought against BJP electorally, sometimes aligning with other secular regional parties. BJP may be defeated but RSS continues with their work in schools, slums and other social spheres. We sometimes ignored their influence as it was not seen politically. We have to work out concrete tactical line and class and mass organizations should start working in all these sectors. Karat reminded that RSS rightly identifies Communists as their greatest adversaries and will concentrate on West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura in particular.

Karat said that third important pillar of the rightwing offensive is imperialism. He said that the Modi government will be more pro-imperialist than its predecessors. US imperialism is already working for a quadruple alliance with India, Japan and Australia, mainly to contain China. Right now, in all three countries the government is rightwing. Modi government has already started surrendering to US pressure on patents and drugs etc.

Karat said the main fight is against BJP. We will have to fight against neo liberal policies and communalism simultaneously. We will continue to fight against Congress which has introduced neo liberalism, abetted corruption and created condition for BJP’s rise. We will also fight against regional parties pursuing neo liberal policies in respective states.

But to carry forward the fight and advance, Karat emphasized on the independent strength of the Party. He said united actions with other parties on peoples’ issues are necessary for expanding independent strength too. Otherwise we will not be able to reach to followers of other bourgeoisie parties. By strengthening CPI(M), we will endeavor to build Left and democratic alliance. 

Recalling West Bengal’s contribution to the growth of Party’s strength in and outside parliament, Karat said, the reverses suffered would have to be overcome by rectifying organizational weaknesses and through struggles.

State secretary Biman Basu placed draft political-organisational report in the afternoon session. The report has dealt with political situation in the state, the terror unleashed against the Left forces, the hard-fought battles to defend the peoples’ rights and self critically reviewed the organizational activities. The main thrust in the report is strengthening Party’s bond with people.

A presidium consisting of Md Salim, Raghunath Kushari, Banani Biswas, Kanti Biswas, Pulinbehari Baske and Saman Pathak is conducting the delegate session. The conference will continue till 13th March.