Chairman of the West Bengal Left Front, Biman Basu, announced that seventeen Left parties will hold a joint convention in the second week of November against communalism.
At a press conference in Kolkata after a meeting of these parties, Biman Basu said that the meeting took note of the rising threat from the communal forces and had decided to unitedly fight against it. The convention would be the first step in this struggle. Later on the campaign against these forces will be taken down to the block level.
The meeting held at the CPI(M) state committee office at Muzaffar Ahmad Bhawan was attended by leaders of CPI(M), Forward Bloc, RSP, CPI, DSP, RCPI, Forward Bloc- Marxist, Biplobi Bangla Congress, Workers’ Party, Bolshevik Party,  SUCI(C), CPI(ML), CPI(ML) Liberation, CPI(ML) -Santosh Rana, CRLI, PDS and Communist Party of Bharat.
He also said that the minority fundamental forces have become active with the rise of majority communalist forces and that they feed each other. The Left parties, he asserted, are opposed to both varieties. He added that many Left parties believe that TMC has also contributed to communal polarization in the state.