This year World Peace Day on September 1 will see a huge mobilization of people in Kolkata. Though over the years the day has been observed by the West Bengal Left Front, it is for the first time that fifteen Left parties have come together on a joint platform and given the call for the observance of this day.
After a meeting of these parties on August 23, Left Front Chairman and CPI(M) Polit Bureau Member, Biman Basu announced that the procession will start from Ramleela Maidan in Central Kolkata and proceed towards Desbandhu Park in North Kolkata. While voicing their vehement protest against imperialist aggression and hegemony world wide, the US-backed Israeli aggression on Gaza would be the focus. It would also call for a reversal to the pro-US foreign policy pursued by the Indian government among other issues.
The fifteen Left Parties are the CPI(M), CPI, Forward Bloc, RSP, DSP, RCPI, Marxbadi Forward Bloc, Biplobi Bangla Congress, Workers’ Party, Bolshevik Party, SUCI(C), CPI(ML)-Liberation, CPI(ML)-Santosh Rana, CRLI and  Communist Party of Bharat.