Press Release
On Bharatpur Violence
A CPI(M) delegation led by Party Central Committee Member & MP, Tapan Sen and Rajasthan State Secretary Vasudev visited Gopalgarh in Bharathpur district of Rajasthan on September 19.
The delegation which met and interacted with a cross section of people, including the Sarpanch and police officials came to the conclusion that the atmosphere of peace and communal harmony that had prevailed in Gopalgarh over the years has been vitiated by this incident.
The delegation was informed that after a compromise was arrived at between the two communities over a piece of disputed land, some anti-social elements resorted to spreading rumours intended to create disturbances. People had assembled in large number on both sides.
The administration and police officials instead of checking the veracity of the rumours resorted to indiscriminate firing at a place of worship. All those killed belong to the Meo community. The district administration and the police are wholly responsible for the killings. Those officials responsible for ordering the firing which led to the deaths should be proceeded against.
The statements by some senior officials justifying the firing and also stating that no one was killed in police firing has further incensed the people who have borne the brunt of the police attack.
The delegation felt that unless the issue of the economic, social and political backwardness of the area is addressed, vested interests will continue to utilize the situation to further their aims.

The delegation has demanded adequate compensation for the families of those killed and also urged the government to provide a government job to a family member.