The Bihar state conference of the Party was held from March 6-8, 2022 at Samastipur, the land of martyrs who sacrificed their lives holding red flags in their hands fighting for land and against feudal oppression since the 1970’s.

The conference started with a big rally at Patel Maidan which bore a festive look.  Addressing the rally, Party general secretary, Sitaram Yechury paid tributes to the martyrs of Samastipur. He lambasted the RSS led BJP government at the centre for its disastrous seven years rule which has brought all round miseries to all sections of the people. Economy is in completes mess, unemployment is the highest in the last 45 years and the sky rocketing prices of essential commodities due to ever increasing prices of transport fuels and gas, have ruined the lives of the common people. He particularly emphasised the need to fight the pernicious Hindutva agenda of the RSS, by bringing all the Left, secular and democratic forces into a united fight to save the secular and democratic character of the constitution. He recalled the unity of the people of all faiths during the anti-imperialist struggle which is now under constant attack by the RSS and its affiliated units, which needs to be resisted at every step.

Party Polit Bureau member comrade Hannan Mollah spoke about the historic kisan struggle in which 500 peasant organisations were brought under one umbrella. 

The conference adopted several resolutions on the issues related to agricultural crisis, recurring floods and drought in Bihar, in support of MSP for agricultural produce, on issues of water logging, scarcity of fertilizers etc. In also adopted a resolution in support of the All India General Strike called by the central trade unions on March 28-29 and called upon the working people of Bihar to make it a grand success. A resolution was also adopted in favour of reintroduction of old pension scheme.

Resolutions concerning growing atrocities against dalits, sexual assaults on women and children were also adopted.

Com Lalan Chaudhary has been elected as the new State Secretary of CPI(M) Bihar. The newly elected state committee has 50 members and 5 permanent invitees.