In a statement on November 9, Madhya Pradesh CPI(M) has said that the political parties should make public the information regarding huge funds being spent during the elections. It is commonly known and often the candidates have themselves have revealed that BJP has budgeted an expenditure of 8 crores per seat. The Congress is also not far behind in this matter. Everybody knows that none of these parties goes amongst the people asking seeking donations. Evidently the whole election fund must be black money collected from criminals and the corrupt. If it is not so, these parties should not have any abjection to making the sources of their money public.
On the other hand, the entire election campaign by CPI(M) is being run on the slogan of “give vote and a ten rupee note”. Funds are also being collected from the people during the mass-contact programmes by the candidates and in public meetings. Contributions are also being sought in the form of food-grains and forest-produce in tribal and rural areas. Even the Party units which are not fighting elections, are collecting funds from their members and sympathisers. Fund-collection campaign is also being carried on amongst the workers.
Bhopal, November 10, 2013