BJP Scams hitting new and dizzy heights!

Prakash Karat flays Modi  Government

In a public meeting organised by the CPI (M) at Erode (TN) on 22-07-2015, Com. Prakash Karat came out with a scathing attack on the scams that were slipping out of the cupboards of the Modi government, one by one within a short span of one year. Here is the gist of his speech:

The people who had been very much frustrated with the worst scams such as 2G scam, coal, Adharsh, commonwealth games etc. during the congress led UPA-II regime, voted out UPA and elected BJP to power. But within a year of its take over at the centre, the BJP has come out with its own menu of scandals to serve the nation.

The new BJP menu!

The scams involve central ministers and state chief-ministers. Union External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj, and Rajasthan chief-minister Vasundra Raje have helped Lalit Modi who is charged with the IPL scandal.  A thorough enquiry into this must be conducted.  Similarly, in Madhya Pradesh where BJP is holding the reign, there have been foul plays going on in the entrance test for medical college students for more than a decade- almost everything under the BJP regime. In the scam known as ‘vyapam scam’, the medical students have got through the examinations even without writing them.  For this, crores and crores of rupees have been paid by students as bribe to the higher-ups at the political and the bureaucratic levels.  Such scandals and scams have broken out in various departments of the government especially higher education department.

A big network of scam has been operating in the background.  So far, 46 persons – whistle blowers, social workers, witnesses, accused and the like – have died under mysterious circumstances. The state BJP government is not willing even to conduct enquiries about such mysterious deaths. On the contrary, it is trying to retain the authority of the chief minister and to protect the culprits.  Only after vehement struggles, and after the intervention by the court, the case has since been taken up for CBI enquiry. The scams of the BJP variety are not simply scams; they are heinous, rather, murderous crimes.

As far as the scams are concerned, there is no difference between Congress and BJP. Given its track record in the first year in office at the centre, the BJP is all set to overtake the UPA very shortly in this regard.  We can proudly say that it is only the left parties – CPI (M) and others – are the political entities not touched by the ignominy of scandals and corruption.

People’s interest trampled down!  

Apart from this, in the past 14 months, Modi Government has perpetrated pernicious attacks on the hapless masses of this country; the pro-corporate Modi government has trampled under its feet their interests. Allocations for the social security schemes including education, health, ICDS have been cut to the bone. Further, during the election campaign Modi promised that if voted to power, the youth would get lot of job opportunities. But, in this one year, not a single new industry has come.  The question is how can one create job opportunities without new industries. The farmers are in acute distress and are being forced to commit suicide. In these six months, the incidence of farmers’ suicide has increased by 26%.

Attack on farmers!

In such a grim situation, the fund allocation for NREGA has been reduced.  BJP government is also making all out attempts to grab the land left over with the farmers.  This attempt has been opposed by all political parties including those in the NDA coalition. And the organizations of peasants including the one led by the RSS are stiffly resisting this attempt.  Even then, this Government wants to amend the Act  by diluting whatever protection offered by the LAAR Act legislated by the UPA government,  The impugned land ordinance enables the corporate houses and the real estate sharks  grabble the farm land. The CPI (M) along with the other left parties would mobilize the peasants and the democratic forces and defeat the Land acquisition ordinance / Bill which is against the interests of the peasants. We will not allow the government to enact this bill at any cost. 

Nation-wide strike on 2nd September!

Apart from deceiving the farmers, this government also attempts to snatch away whatever rights the workers enjoy today by amending the existing labour laws.  Opposing this move of the government, the workers and the peasants are going to participate in the strike called by the central trade unions on 2nd September, 2015.  The rest of the population is also in a serious mood in supporting the demands projected by the strike campaign. The preparations are on for this action throughout the country including Tamilnadu.   

August campaign!  

The CPI(M), which proposes the alternative, is launching a mass campaign from 1st to 14th of August 2015 to expose the policies of the Modi government which are against the interests of the workers, peasants and the masses of the country.  Through this campaign, the party would mobilize the people and carry forward the struggles. When we mobilize the people, the RSS and its parivar are stepping up their communal mobilization to disrupt the unity of the people. These result in communal tension and clashes.  In some places it says it is going to protect the cows by banning beef eating. In northern parts of the country, it says that in the name of love jihad the Muslim boys are cheating the Hindu girls. In this context, it unleashes planned attacks   on the minorities.  In such a context, it is our duty to defeat such conspiracies and protect the unity of the people and uphold the secular fabric.

In Tamilnadu, the party is taking all efforts to change the precarious situation.  It is going to launch people’s struggle along with the left forces by mobilizing the people suffering under the heat of the neo-liberal dispensation. The ensuing state committee meeting is going to discuss all these aspects. I am confident that the people of Tamilnadu would extend their whole hearted support to the efforts of the party. 

Com. Vasuki, CC member translated the speech of Com. Prakash Karat.

The meeting 

The massive public meeting was presided over by Com. S Muthusamy, Erode DC secretary. The meeting was also addressed by Comrades G Ramakrishnan, TN State committee secretary, K Varadarajan, CC member, K Thangavelu State secretariat member, and K Durairaj State committee member.

Earlier there were cultural programmes by Kadambur tribal people’s art troupe.