The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:
The decision of the BJP to withdraw from the coalition government with the PDP in Jammu & Kashmir at this particular moment has the potential of creating greater political instability in the state. It signifies the total political failure of the BJP’s approach in Jammu & Kashmir
This alliance was untenable since the beginning. It was an alliance between forces that never saw eye to eye on any issue but came together in an act of sheer opportunism to share the spoils of office.
The BJP was party to all decisions of the state government during the past three years and hence cannot absolve any responsibility for contributing to a further deterioration in the state and towards deepening the alienation of the people.
The BJP being a coalition partner of the state government and holding office in the central government had promised the people of Kashmir: a) immediate introduction of confidence building measures; and b) immediate starting of a political process by initiating a comprehensive dialogue with all stakeholders in the valley. Neither of these two promises which were publicly announced by the Union Home Minister after the all Party delegation visited the valley in September 2017 have been fulfilled. If they were sincerely followed up the situation could have improved.
The BJP central government unilaterally announced, first, the ceasefire and later, its withdrawal.
Under these circumstances, plunging the state into greater uncertainty and the impending imposition of President’s rule may not help in addressing the issue of the deepening alienation of the people.