Dear Ambassador Dr. Andreas Baum,

As a citizen of India, I am writing to you to express my deep regret at the shocking and horrifying violence that two young Swiss nationals Marie Droxz and Quentin Jeremy Clerc had to face on their trip to Agra and Fatehpur Sikri. It is shameful for us as Indians, that two young tourists who had gone to visit the beautiful symbol of love should have to face this horror. 

I would request you to kindly convey to the young couple that we are ashamed and sad that such an incident should happen and that we strongly protest against the failure of the concerned authorities to provide minimum security to visitors.

I would also request you to convey our strong solidarity and assure them that there are many movements and organisations which would be happy to offer them support. A delegation of the All India Democratic Women’s Association had visited the hospital today but were unable to convey their message of support to the couple. Please convey our very best wishes for their speedy recovery.

(Brinda Karat)