Brinda Karat meets brave fighters facing Trinamool terror in several districts of  W.Bengal
CPI (M) Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat  visited Brahamanchawk of Haroa  in North 24 Parganas district  and met Left supporters who have been bravely facing repeated attacks by Trinamool Congress goons. The village has only women left in it as the men have been forcibly displaced by TMC goons and local police acting in combination.
Brinda Karat visited several villages in N-24-Parganas, Birbhum and Hooghly districts and met with villagers who were fighting against barbaric TMC-police terror tactics against Left supporters.
Women from the Haroa village told Brinda that during the last Lok Sabha elections all the families were targeted and even shot at by the goons on the dictates of local TMC MLA Usharani Mondal. False cases were lodged against the injured party supporters.
On hearing that Brinda will be visiting Haroa the TMC hooligans had ordered that no women should meet with her. They hurled bombs in the village the previous night to create terror. However, the women of the village did not pay heed to these tactics and came out in big numbers to meet Brinda Karat and the Left delegation.
86-year old Renubala Mondal told Brinda how  her family has been devastated by the  TMC hooligans and the police. False murder cases had been lodged against both of her sons, and her grandson had received bullet wounds because they had braved the TMC terror and gone to cast their vote in the elections. Narrating their story, the determined left supporters told Brinda that “despite the atrocities, they won’t leave the CPI (M)”.
Earlier, on 2nd August  Brinda Karat addressed a meeting in Hooghly district,  where Santana Mondal’s breasts were cut off by TMC Hooligans on the allegation that she is a CPI (M) worker. Speaking at the meeting Santana Mondal said: “They injured my body, they inflicted pain, but I am here and will always be.”
On 3rd August Brinda met with Zarina Bibi, another courageous septuagenarian lady at a meeting at Siuri in Birbhum District. Zarina Bibi’s three sons were killed by rogue TMC MLA Manirul Islam and she is now fighting for the punishment of the culprits in the court of law and in the society.
“I will continue with my fight against  TMC MLA Manirul Islam come what may” she said at a rally organized by the AIDWA in Siuri of Birbhum district.