“Women’s liberation is intrinsically linked to the fight for abolition of the caste system, one cannot happen without the other. The great social reformer and visionary Aayan-Kali showed the way 100 years ago,” said Brinda Karat in her inaugural speech at the massive public meeting at Kollam organized by the Kerala Pulaya Mahila Federation
The meeting was held to mark the centenary celebrations of the historic, emancipatory, Perinadu struggle in 1915 , led by Aayan-Kali of Pulaya women against upper caste prohibition of covering of the upper body of Pulaya women and forcing them to wear necklaces of stone and broken glass.

 The Cantonment Ground in Kollam where the huge gathering of women took place was the same venue where 100 years ago Aayan Kali had given a call to women of the Pulaya community to revolt against the derogatory and exploitative casteist practice.
Brinda Karat who was the chief guest at the meeting said that in different forms and ways, the caste system and untouchability persisted. Giving the example of Sunphed in Haryana where two Dalit children were burnt to death in a caste attack, she called for the resignation of VK Singh, minister in the Modi government, for his derogatory comments insulting Dalits. 
“The Hindutva ideology propagated by the RSS and its followers in the Central Government was a challenge to the true legacy of Aayan Kali. These forces had to be resisted and defeated,” Karat asserted.
The celebrations were led by the Patron of the Pulaya Mahasabha, P.Sreekumar. The President, General Secretary and other office bearers of the Pulayar Mahasabha and the KPMF were also present and addressed the gathering along with Annie Raja General Secretary of the NFIW and Shanimol of the Congress Mahila Wing. Com Balgopal District Secy of the CPI(M) and MP was present.