Broader movements needed to enrich class politics:  Biman Basu


Broader movements have to be launched with the unity of toiling millions to enrich the class politics,


said Biman Basu, secretary of CPI(M) West Bengal State Committee in the 23rd conference of CPI(M)South 24 Parganas District Committee on 31st January. He said the Central Government led by Narendra Modi is trying to give away the custody of the country to US imperialism. This Government is pursuing an economic policy that is openly in the interest of the corporate lobby, which spent Rs.15 thousand crores for Modi in the general election. This is why the prices of the commodities are not coming down, services related to public interest are curtailed, and new jobs are not being created. Interests of common people are not at all taken care of. A divisionist ploy is also being taken so that the anger and dissatisfaction of the common people do not get consolidated. They are trying to divide people on the basis of religion, caste, colour and culture. Unity of the working class people, therefore, is needed to combat that. Movements have to be launched to enrich the class politics, said Biman Basu.

He further said that when UPA1 government started negotiating with the US for a nuclear treaty without considering the objections raised by the Left, there was no option for the Left but to withdraw support from the government. The treaty has been completed during the recent visit of Barack Obama.

According to this treaty National Nuclear Corporation of our country will be liable for any accidents. Indian people are still suffering from the tragedy caused by the gas leak from the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal. Previously, 26% foreign direct investment was allowed in the insurance sector. But that has been raised to 49% to accommodate US companies. An attempt is being made for doing away with any limit of FDI in rail and defense sector. He also said that India is trying to become the junior partner of US.

To assert their hegemony, US imperialism is now aiming for the Indian Ocean-Pacific Ocean region. In their mission to besiege China, US imperialism wants India to be their partner.

Biman Basu said that the state Government is also pursuing the divisive tactics. TMC Government is pursuing soft communalism. Both BJP and TMC are enemies of the people. BJP is enemy no.1 of the Indian people as they want to sell the country. Our battle will be on against both these forces, assertedBiman Basu.

He also said that the activities of three and half year old TMC Government proves the difference of outlook between them and the Left Front Government. People are disgusted with this Government. To win over those people we have to go to them, deepen our relations with them and establish living contact with them. One primarily has to be a good human being, that will help us to emerge as good Communists and that will ultimately help us to change the mentality of the people, Biman Basu said.

 1st February, 2015