In a statement issued on December 20, State Secretary of Madhya Pradesh CPI{M} Badal Saroj demanded that CBI should investigate the scams in which private secretary of the Chief Minister and his ministers are involved. It seems the BJP thinks that people will accept that while all this “ghotala” is going on, the Chief Minister is clean and honest. It is due to this ostrich policy only that when scams bigger than the fodder scam were coming to light, the Chief Minister was sermonising on “honesty” among his officers. This hypocrisy should be stopped. All the facts indicate towards involvement of the Chief Minister, his office and his team. Evidently, howsoever honest the STF is, it can not carry out an impartial investigation.

The CPI{M} leader said that investigation of all the scams should be assigned to the CBI and it should be asked to complete the enquiry within a definite time frame. The CPI{M} State Committee will take up this demand and decide the action programme in its meeting to be held on February 22.