CC Communique

October 8, 2018

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) met in New Delhi from October 6 to 8, 2018. It has issued the following statement:


The Central Committee condemned the fascistic attacks against the CPI(M) which are continuing in Tripura since the assumption of office by the BJP-IPFT government. 96 per cent of the local body bye-elections were won uncontested by the BJP as the opposition candidates were violently prevented from filing their nominations. This is the real face of the RSS/BJP.

The cancellation of the registration of the CPI(M) associated newspaper and the second largest circulated daily, Deshar Katha, is an authoritarian attack on the freedom of the press. While condemning this, the Central Committee noted the widespread opposition growing on this issue and demands that the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting under the Modi government must immediately rescind this order.


Flood Relief: The Central Committee placed on record its high sense of appreciation of the manner in which the LDF government, the Party and the people of Kerala rose as one to tackle the damage caused by the recent devastating floods. The Kerala LDF government is not merely seeking to rehabilitate the victims but to rebuild a New Kerala. The Central Committee appreciated the fact that people across the country and abroad have, cutting across all political lines, enthusiastically donated to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund.

Sabarimala Verdict: The Central Committee welcomed the judgment of the Supreme Court on entry of women of all ages to the Sabarimala temple. This verdict upholds equal rights for women.

The BJP and the RSS are opposing this judgment and are conducting an agitation in Kerala against it. The all India Congress leadership had welcomed the Supreme Court judgment as a progressive step. But surprisingly, the Kerala unit of Congress is opposing the implementation of the verdict and is protesting along with the BJP. By such a stance the Congress is only helping the RSS-BJP combine’s campaign against secular-democratic values and the right to equality enshrined in the Constitution.

Attacks on Non-Gujaratis

The Central Committee condemned the violence unleashed in the state of Gujarat against people hailing from Northern states, particularly Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, who are working there. It condemned the rape of a child allegedly by a migrant worker. This violence has led to an exodus of thousands of workers and their families fearing for their lives. The BJP state government in Gujarat, instead of containing this violence, is allowing these tensions to foment.

The Thakore Sena in the state, is rousing passions which is adding to the insecurity of the non-Gujaratis. This is reprehensible.

Assam: NRC

The Central Committee reiterated that no Indian must be left out of the National Register of Citizens. Under the orders of the Supreme Court the appeals being made by over forty lakh people who have been left out of the NRC are to be decided upon. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court approved the withdrawal of five documents which were the supporting basis for proving citizenship. These must be restored as the withdrawal will adversely affect a large number of people.

Rafale Scam

Despite all efforts being made by the Modi government to try and divert attention away from the mega Rafale scam, all later developments have only confirmed that this deal was done only to benefit the PM’s crony capitalist friend. In the process, our country’s security has been undermined. This is also paving the way for large-scale privatization of defence production. This is not in the interests of India’s security priorities.

Having institutionalized political corruption through the changes made by this government of electoral bonds, such crony capitalism is becoming the conduit for funds for the ruling party with no questions being asked and no one being accountable.

Jammu & Kashmir

The CPI(M) through its MLA in Jammu & Kashmir, Mohd. Yusuf Tarigami, has impleaded in the appeal against the repeal of Section 35A of the Constitution which is the backbone of Article 370 and the promised autonomy for Jammu & Kashmir.

Despite the boycott announced by major parties like the National Conference, PDP and the CPI(M), the Jammu & Kashmir Governor is going ahead with the elections to the local bodies. The first phase is taking place today. In the run-up to the elections, violence has already claimed the lives of two workers of the National Conference.

The Modi government is attempting to use these disturbances that it is fomenting in Jammu & Kashmir to aid its campaign of communal polarization all across the country.

Electoral Tactics

2019 Lok Sabha Elections: The Central Committee discussed the context in which the 2019 General Elections are going to be held. It noted that the four-pronged attack mounted by this Modi government is viciously intensifying the attacks on people’s livelihood through price rise, particularly petroleum products, growing unemployment, deepening agrarian distress. This has drastically affected the living conditions of the vast majority of the people.

The sharpening of communal polarization is spreading the atmosphere of hatred, violence and terror in which many innocent lives have been lost, particularly Dalits and Muslims. The authoritarian attacks continue to escalate against people’s democratic rights and through the undermining of parliamentary institutions and constitutional authorities.

Reducing India to the status of a junior strategic ally of the USA is undermining both our country’s sovereignty and India’s standing as a country championing the rights of the developing countries with an independent foreign policy.

In this background the Central Committee reiterated the understanding arrived at in the CPI(M)’s 22nd Congress that the main task before the CPI(M) and the Left and democratic forces in the forthcoming 17th Lok Sabha elections and in the assembly elections, is to defeat the BJP and its allies. Accordingly, the Central Committee has decided that the main task is to accomplish the following:

a) To defeat the BJP alliance
b) To increase the strength of the CPI(M) and the Left in the Lok Sabha; and
c) To ensure that an alternative secular government is formed at the Centre.

Assembly Elections: In the assembly elections of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, the CPI(M) will contest some seats aiming to strengthen its assembly representation and will campaign for the defeat of the BJP in the rest of the seats.

In Telangana, the CPI(M) will work for the defeat of the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samiti and the BJP. In order to achieve this the Bahujan Left Front (BLF) of which the CPI(M) is an important part will contest in many constituencies. Consultations are currently on with the constituents of the BLF. The CPI(M) on its election symbol has announced the first list of 12 candidates and shortly would be announcing another list.

CC Calls

Noting the significant mobilsation by the workers, peasants and agricultural workers as reflected in the August 9 jail bharo and in the September 5 march to parliament action, the Central Committee decided to extend its support to the November 28 to 30 kisan long march; the November 3 call of the youth to march to Delhi demanding from the Modi government “where is my job”; the calls of the jan ekta jan adhikar aandolan on pressing people’s issues; and the all India strike call given by the central trade unions on January 8 & 9, 2019.

As part of the campaign to expose the corruption and crony capitalism of the Modi government, the CPI(M) along with the Left parties will conduct a nationwide campaign. This campaign will highlight the Rafale scam and the corporate loan defaults and how such scamsters are being patronized by the Modi government.

Along with the Left parties, the CPI(M) shall observe the second anniversary of the demonetization in November through protest actions all over the country.

The CPI(M) will strengthen further the campaigns against communalism along with the Left, democratic and secular forces.

C.C. Communique

January 20, 2012

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) met in Kolkata from January 17 to 20, 2012. It has issued the following statement:
Lokpal Bill
The Central Committee condemned the UPA government for its failure to bring an effective Lokpal Bill and get it adopted in parliament. Even the weak legislation was not adopted in the Rajya Sabha because the government feared that some amendments moved by the opposition would be carried.
The Central Committee demanded that the government bring the Lokpal legislation with suitable amendments in the next session of parliament.
FDI In Retail
The Central Committee opposed the decision of the government to increase FDI in single brand retail to 100 per cent. This is a prelude to bringing in the FDI in multi-brand retail which has already met with widespread opposition.
The Central Committee decided to conduct a sustained campaign among the people to stop the entry of FDI in general retail trade.
West Bengal
The Central Committee expressed its serious concern at the growing number of farmers suicides in West Bengal. By now there are reports of twenty four farmers having committed suicide. This reflects not only on the policies of the Central Government which have resulted in the agrarian crisis but also a gross failure on the part of the West Bengal government to put in place a procurement machinery to purchase crops from the farmers. The procurement machinery set by the Left Front government has been dismantled. The TMC led government has failed to curb black-marketting of fertilizers.
People are suffering under the misrule of the TMC-led government. There have been nine starvation deaths of a closed tea garden. This is due to the callous attitude of the government which discontinued the scheme of giving Rs. 1500 per month introduced by the Left Front government for workers of closed factories and tea gardens. The performance of MNREGS has become the worst. The public distribution system, the Annapoorna and Aantayodaya schemes have become irregular. The panchayat bodies which used to implement many of these schemes have become virtually defunct. All this is causing distress and suffering for the people.
The TMC-led government is exhibiting an extremely intolerant attitude to any criticism made about its performance. The general attack on democratic rights continues. So far fifty five persons who are workers or supporters of the CPI(M) and the Left Front have been killed since the assembly election results. The CPI(M) calls for an immediate halt to such attacks and the full restoration of democratic rights.
February 28 Strike
The Central Committee extended its full support to the call of the central trade unions for a one-day general strike on February 28, 2012. This united action by all the trade unions has raised demands, which are not only in the interests of the working class but concern the people of the country as a whole. The Central Committee directed all its Party units to work wholeheartedly to make the strike a total success.
Draft Political Resolution
The Central Committee adopted the draft Political Resolution to be placed before the 20th Congress of the Party to be held in April 2012 at Kozhikkode.  The Political Resolution has called for fighting the neo-liberal policies of the UPA government and mobilizing various sections of the working people who are affected by these policies adversely.  This is a central task.  The Resolution calls for continuing the struggle to isolate the communal forces and to thwart the designs of the Hindutva brigade.  The Party will work to defeat the Congress and the BJP.
The Resolution calls for paying the utmost priority to developing the independent role of the Party and to strengthen the Party as an all India force.  The Party will work to build the Left and democratic alternative against the existing order. It will seek the cooperation of other non-Congress, secular and democratic forces to take up people’s issues, defend secularism, national sovereignty and the federal principle.   
Draft Ideological Resolution

The Central Committee discussed and adopted the draft `Resolution on Some Ideological Issues’.  This Resolution addresses the current and prolonged crisis of global capitalism and its impact on both the developed capitalist countries and the developing countries. It takes stock of the moves of imperialism and international finance capital and the ideological constructs that they use to maintain their dominance.  The Resolution deals with the growing resistance to imperialist globalization and the ideological tasks to be undertaken to ensure an effective and united resistance by the working class and other allied forces worldwide.  The Resolution discusses the developments in the socialist countries and the necessity to build a renewed socialist alternative which is relevant to the 21st century.  The Resolution also pinpoints the ideological challenges faced by the Communists in Indian society and puts forth an alternative ideological worldview which can counter the bourgeois, feudal and other retrograde ideologies.