Over the years, several journalists have lost their lives while reporting about human rights violations, corruption and for doing their job. In 2018, three journalists have lost their lives, the latest of them being veteran Kashmiri journalist Shujaat Bukhari. This is one short of the four journalists who were killed in 2017.

Bukhari, who was shot dead outside his office by three unidentified gunmen, on 14 June. If it’s his work that led to the killing, Bukhari may become the 48th journalist who has been killed because of his work in India since 1992, the year when the Committee to Protect Journalists started keeping records of journalist deaths.

Bukhari’s murder is the second high-profile killing in the last two years, the last one being Gauri Lankesh. In the latest edition of her weekly magazine in Kannada, Gauri Lankesh Patrike.

In Tripura Sudip Dutta was also murdered.

Shujaat was a fearless and independent journalist who refused to bow down to pressures from any quarter. His killing also highlights the difficult circumstances in which independent journalists work in J & K.

After the election in 2018 in Tripura, many publications have been stopped particularly Daily Desher Kotha which earlier readers were  52, 000 and now it has only 6000 readers. They got threating also to stop publication. Now in every government offices or even at airport, we cannot find this paper. 

What are the steps taken by the government for the prevention of attacked and killing of journalist.