Press Communiqué

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) met in Kolkata on January 4, 5 & 6, 2002. It has issued the following statement:

Political Resolution for Party Congress

The Central Committee had as its main agenda the discussion and finalisation of the Draft Political Resolution to be placed before the 17th Congress of the Party to be held in Hyderabad in March 2002. The Central Committee finalized the Draft Resolution. It will be edited and released in a few days, for discussion within the entire Party.

The Draft makes an assessment of the international situation, in particular the new offensive taken by the United States after the September 11 terrorist attacks in the name of fighting a "war against terrorism". The draft has declared its firm opposition to the renewed efforts by the United States to extend its global hegemony. The draft also notes the global recession which has set in with the United States also having a recession. This is imposing new burdens on the developing countries including India. The Draft calls for resistance to the imperialist-driven globalisation which is sharpening the divide between the rich and the poor nations.

The draft addresses the national situation. It spells out the harmful results of the BJP-rule since 1998. The systematic penetration of the RSS in the State apparatus, the harmful policies of liberalization and privatization, the complete reversal of India’s foreign policy and the pro-American stance, the systemic efforts at communalization of society and attacks on minorities, the growing attacks on democratic rights and unprecedented corruption.

The Draft calls upon the Party to determinedly struggle against the policies of the BJP-led government and ensure their defeat. It calls for the strengthening of the Left and democratic forces in the country. 

Assembly Elections

The Central Committee discussed the forthcoming assembly elections in four states. The Uttar Pradesh assembly elections are important, as it will have a bearing on national politics too. All efforts will have to be made for the defeat of the BJP in Uttar Pradesh by an effective mobilization by the parties constituting the People’s Front. In Punjab, the CPI(M) will contest the elections independently with the call to defeat the Akali Dal-BJP alliance. In Uttaranchal and Manipur, the CPI(M) will contest seats in order to defeat the BJP combine of communal forces.


The Central Committee condemned the re-promulgation of the Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance. It reiterated its strong opposition to this draconian anti-democratic law which will endanger the civil liberties of citizens. The Central Committee resolved to see that the legislation to enact this into law is defeated in parliament.

Indo-Pak relations

The Central Committee condemned the terrorist attack on parliament on December 13 and wanted effective steps to be taken to curb the terrorist menace in the country. In this connection, the CPI(M) has already advocated stepping up the diplomatic and political efforts through the UN and other international forums to put pressure on the Pakistani government to take steps against the terrorist organizations based there. Already the international pressure has led to some steps being taken by the Pakistani regime. Pressure must be mounted to see that this process is carried forward.

The CPI(M) has firmly rejected the resort to military action which will lead to an Indo-Pak conflict. We should renew our efforts for a bilateral dialogue with Pakistan to reduce tensions and address outstanding problems.

No To US Envoy

The CPI(M) strongly disapproves of the decision taken by the US administration to send a special envoy to mediate between India and Pakistan. India has all along maintained that the disputes with Pakistan are of a bilateral nature which brook no interference by anybody or warrant a third party mediation. The CPI(M) calls upon the Vajpayee government to firmly adhere to this consensual position.