Further to the complaint to the Commissioner of Police, Delhi by Smt. Brinda Karat, Polit Bureau member of CPI(M) and K. M. Tewari, Secretary, Delhi State Committee of CPI(M), they have written another letter demanding immediate action on the complaint by filing FIRs and take preventive steps against the Hindu Sena.

We are releasing the text of the complaint for publication.

Dear Shri Amulya Patnaik ji,

This is further to the complaint dated 29.1.2020 in which we had given details of the hate speeches made by leaders of the BJP, namely Anurag Thakur and Parvesh Verma which constitute criminal offences under the IPC. We had also mentioned the specific provisions which should apply namely under Sec. 153A/ 153B/ 295A/ 298/ 504/ 505/ 506 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 among others.

Regrettably and for reasons best known to you and the Delhi police, you chose not to act on our complaint. The direct result of your inaction was seen yesterday when an armed man shot directly at Jamia students, in full view of the Delhi police personnel who acted as spectators. The criminal concerned, who calls himself Rambhakt Gopal is a supporter of the ruling party and the ideology of the sangh parivar. He implemented what Anurag Thakur had openly asked his supporters to do — “goli maaro”, shoot the traitors. This terrorist act is directly attributable to the instigation by the leaders mentioned above through their statements for which they must be held responsible and charged under the law.

Further, you must be aware of the open threat including through posters by an outfit calling itself the Hindu Sena to forcibly clear the Shaheen Bagh protest site on February 2. This is spreading fear and panic in the entire area. It is essential for the police to take strong action in advance against this Sena so as to prevent them from carrying out their threat. This threat again is attributable to the hate speech made by the two leaders named.

We urge you to take immediate action, file the FIRs, and take preventive steps against the Hindu Sena.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,


(Brinda Karat)
Member, Polit Bureau, CPI(M)

Secretary, Delhi State Committee,