I opposed the Indian Forests (Amendment) Bill, 2017. This is mainly to exclude “Bamboos” from the definition of ‘Trees’ in the Indian Forest Act, 1927.

In the North East Indian States bamboos grow abundantly in the forest and plains. There are many restrictions in cutting trees from forests. So many people are growing bamboos in their private land for commercial purposes.

Now bamboo is considered a tree as per the Forest Act.

So there is a lot of restrictions in transporting bamboos within a state and between states. Once bamboo is removed from definition of ‘trees’ in the Forest Act, bamboo growers can freely take it to any part of the country. This will help them to get a good price for bamboos.

Bamboos are raw material for producing pulp, paper, rayon etc. Since Tripura is a backward state and has a good reserve of bamboos, I request the Central Government to establish a pulp and paper mill. This will help the state to get industrialized because a large number of ancillary industries will be stated when pulp and paper are being produced. Also a large number of handicraft articles can be purchased which will create a lot of jobs for both young men and women of my state and neighboring states.

A lot of criticism raised by the other members also, I do not further raised it and hope after the Minister answer then the bill will be passed.