I would draw the attention of this house about the recent hunger deaths in Jharkhand. Santhoshi Kumari aged 11 years died due to starvation on 28th September 2017.  So far five starvation deaths were reported from Jharkhand. Among the five three are Adivasis.
The family gets daily labour only 10-12 days in a month at wage of Rs.100 for female and 150 for male.
The family members have confirmed that the death happened due to chronic hunger. The Ration Card No:202006991124 in the name of Koyili Devi gives ample evidence that the family did not get ration since April 2017 and only after the death of the girl the family got ration of 21 kg rice, 14kg wheat and 2 liter Kerosene oil on 23rd October 2017 from the dealer.
As per official data, 11.30 lakhs names of card holders were removed from the list of beneficiaries citing the reason that no linkage to Adhar. Around 385 of poor families belonging to Tribal, Dalit and Minority sections were denied by cancelling ration cards or by not renewing cards.
The central government controls social development programmes like MGNREGA, ICDS but has no commitment to them and is curtailing budgetary allocation. If the mid day meal scheme was proper, then Santhoshi’s life could have been saved.
We demands that the Government should  appoint a judicial commission to examine hunger deaths in Jharkhand and  must provide Rs 10 lakh compensation; ensure permanent employment and family pension.