The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement:

Condemn Such Fabricated Slander

Following the meeting of the Central Committee a section of the Malayalam media has manufactured totally concocted reports about the meeting. The latest is a report that puts words in the mouth of a member who it claims criticized the political line of the party and made allegations against the General Secretary when in fact the member did not participate in the discussion at all. The intent is clearly to create confusion among the rank and file of the Party and among our supporters in Kerala which will not succeed. In fact the Central Committee review of the performance of the Party in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections was adopted unanimously by the Committee and it included the main points of the review conducted by the Kerala State Committee.

The Polit Bureau condemns the publication of concocted and distorted reports. The Party is united in facing the present challenges.