Mythily Shivaraman

The Polit Bureau expresses its deep grief at the passing away of Comrade Mythily Shivaraman, veteran leader of the Party in Tamilnadu and the women’s movement in the country.

Mythili Shivaraman played an active role in the trade uinion and working class movement in Chennai in the 1970’s. She was one of founders of the Democratic Women’s Association in Tamilnadu which later became part of the AIDWA. She served as Vice-President of AIDWA.

She led many struggles against caste and gender oppression, notable of which was the struggle of the  tribal women of Vachathi. Earlier she had conducted a searing investigation of the massacre of dalit agricultural workers in Keelvenmani in 1968.

A dedicated Marxist, she worked as a member of the Tamilnadu CPI(M) State Committee for more than two decades. Mythilli wrote a number of important articles and booklets on class and gender issues in Tamil and English.

For over a decade, she was immobilized by a severe illness. The Polit Bureau pays tribute to her valuable contributions and conveys its deepest condolences to her husband, daughter and other family members.