The CPI(M) is contesting four seats to the Chattisgarh assembly. It has put up candidates in Bhatgaon (Surajpur District), Bhilai (Durg District), Kanker (Kanker District) and Lundra (Sarguja District).
While the Congress and the BJP are relying mainly on money and muscle power the CPI(M) campaign is concentrating mainly on door to door contacts. The CPI(M) campaign is receiving a good response from the people from all walks of life, especially the toiling masses.
Three of these are rural and tribal constituencies where tribal people constitute the overwhelming majority of the population. Bhilai is a working class dominated constituency because of Bhilai Steel Plant and its ancillary industries.
At Kanker thousands of workers and peasants assembled braving heavy rains on 21st October,2013,which was addressed by Com. Brinda Karat, CPI(M), PB Member on the occasion of the filing of nomination by CPI(M) candidate Ramesh Netam. Kanker is scheduled to go for polls on November 11, 2013.
Door to door campaigns, group meetings, village meetings, street corner meetings are going on in Bhatgaon and Lundra constituencies.
Raipur, November 8, 2013