Text of Joint Letter addressed by the General Secretaries of the CPI(M) and CPI  to the Prime Minister


Dear Pradhan Mantriji,


We wish to draw your attention to the assurances that were made by the Central government  when the Andhra Pradesh bifurcation Bill was passed in the Parliament.  At that point of time, MPs of the Left parties had raised that many issues remain unresolved in the envisaged bifurcation of the erstwhile undivided state of Andhra Pradesh.  The Parliament and the people were assured that all these problems will be addressed and immediate measures  would be undertaken to solve them and redress the economic backwardness in various regions of these states.


Unfortunately, there has been no forward movement on any of these assurances that were then given by the Central government and later repeated by your government after you assumed office as Prime Minister.


We are of the strong opinion that the Promises made to the people and the assurances given to the Parliament must be immediately addressed and consequently all the proposed schemes for development are put in operation.


Though delayed, at least now, an announcement by you redeeming these promises at the foundation ceremony at Amaravati, the designated capital city of the state of Andhra Pradesh, would be appropriate.


Yours sincerely



S. Sudhakar Reddy                                           Sitaram Yechury

General Secretary                                                 General Secretary

CPI                                                                      CPI(M)