A delegation of CPI(M) leaders led by Polit Bureau member Nilotpal Basu comprising of Rajya Sabha MPs AA Rahim and V Sivadasan, CPI(M) Haryana state secretariat members Inderjit Singh and others visited Nuh and Gurgaon on August 10 to take stock of the situation in the widespread violence on July 31 and after. This was the first opposition party delegation to reach the violence affected region of Mewat.

Following statement was released after the visit:

The violence was not a chance happening but the result of well-orchestrated handiwork with the intent of communal polarisation in order to garner electoral dividends in the forthcoming Rajasthan assembly election and 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

There is a series of lynchings of cattle farmers and traders with impunity by cow vigilante armed bands in which the last one was the most brutal episode of abduction of two Meo youth of adjoining village of Ghakmika of Rajasthan and killed by setting them ablaze in a Bhiwani village of Loharu in February. A prime accused in this ghastly crime Monu Manesar has been under protection of the Haryana police to prevent Rajasthan police from arresting him since then.

The Mewat region is known for perfect communal harmony and there is no history of communal riots. Mobilisation for the so called religious yatra organised by Bajrang Dal and Vishva Hindu Parishad was entirely organised from outside rowdy mobs equipped with arms.

It is a known fact now that highly outrageous and communally inflammatory videos by Monu Manesar and others were made viral before the Yatra. The apprehensions of local MLA and other prominent people of Nuh went unheeded by the district authorities and gave a permission for it.

The videos using derogatory language and the aggressive postures by VHP-Bajrang Dal hoodlums after entering Nuh  worked as a trigger supposedly with some local elements that led to violence resulting in the unfortunate death of 6 persons including the young Imam of Gurgaon Anjuman mosque attacked  at night by frenzied mob during the night. The mosque was allowed to be vandalised and the Imam shot dead as police was not deployed there to protect the vulnerable site.

Worst of state sponsored retribution was perpetrated during the week long curfew. Indiscriminate arrests and beating  of Meo youths in an one sided repression is still continuing for creating a rein of terror in the town and rural area of Nuh. Under the situation of curfew and internet suspension  bulldozers were deployed for mass demolition drive of shops, dwellings, showrooms etc razed to the ground , fact that reveals the real intent of curfew imposition which can’t be otherwise justified without any local rioting. Sufferers of the demolished shops in front of Nalhar Medical College narrated their agony to the delegation. Leaders assured them to strive their best for compensation of the huge losses  they have suffered.

The gravity of the destruction of demolition can be imagined by the suo moto cognizance taken by Punjab and Haryana High Court ordering an immediate halt to the demolition on Monday. Anyone passing through Nuh can’t escape the trail of destruction on either side of the road. What can be more ignominious than the Magistrate openly telling the media that demolitions were being carried out with orders of the Chief Minister attributing the violence to the shopkeepers and other road side residents. Not feeling safe migrant workers are leaving for their homes as police has failed to address their safety concerns.

The Party team met the distinguished persons of the town and came to know the extent of fear and panic still being created to send an unambiguous message across the country that a proper lesson has been taught to the Muslims.

The Party has appreciated the people of both communities for maintaining peace among themselves keeping with their glorious past and not falling prey to all kinds of communal provocations.

The Party team is of the opinion that an impartial probe can be initiated though a judicial inquiry under supervision of the High Court that is already seized with the matter.

Party demands lifting of restrictions on movement of people and restore normalcy by taking action against the actual accused under the procedure of established by law and not harass the innocent persons. It was wondering that identified persons like Monu Manesar and others were not being arrested so far.