16 July, 2015

Press Release


The CPI(M), Delhi State Committee strongly opposes the decision of the Kejriwal government to increase VAT on petrol and diesel. This will fuel inflation and increase prices of essential goods, especially vegetables, grain, fruit, edible oil etc. The cost will be paid by none other than the aam aadmi.


The AAP Government has tried to justify its above decision in the name of bringing parity in taxes in North Indian states. This is an ill concealed attempt to deflect the responsibility of the State Government for this anti-people measure. Such logic can be used to justify increase in tax burdens and prices of essential commodities in future as well.


The AAP Government has increased VAT on petrol and diesel at a time when it has set aside Rs. 526 crores for advertisements glorifying itself and its leader. This is shameful to say the least.


The CPI(M) Delhi State Committee demands that the AAP Government stop playing cynical games with the people of Delhi and withdraw the increase in rates of VAT on petrol and diesel immediately.


                                                                                                                 (K.M. Tiwari)