CPI(M) unequivocally condemns the brutal torture on woman in Parui


The brutal torture of a woman by officers of the Birbhum police in Parui has once again unveiled how the joint action force of police-TMC is operating in West Bengal. The police came in search of a person alleged for hurling bomb but they tortured his relative after they failed to find him. The local TMC leaders also joined the police officials. Hifunnesa Bibi, the woman who was tortured, said on 18th January that she was brutally tortured by Birbhum district police officials after they failed to find her relative. She further complained that the police took her to a nearby forest and assaulted her. She named the officer in charge of the Parui police station and the Bolpur police station’s CI (official) in her complaint. She had to be admitted to the hospital in a serious condition.

The villagers said that the local TMC leader and accused in Sagar Ghosh murder case Sheikh Mostafa and his associates were very much involved in the torture. Apart from them Md. Ali , the OC of Islambazar police station who is very close to district president Anubratya Mondal; IC of Bolpur police station and Kartik Ghosh, in charge of special operation group were involved in the inhuman torture.

Ramchandra Dom, secretary of CPI(M) Birbhum district committee, said the people of the state will not tolerate such brutal attack on a woman by police patronized by the TMC goons. He went to see Hifunnesa Bibi and heard the detailed incident from her. The leaders of AIDWA also went to the hospital to see the condition of the tortured woman. The activists of AIDWA also demonstrated in front of Parui police station in demand of the punishment of the goons involved in the torture. AIDWA also demonstrated in Kolkata for the same demand.

Senior lawyer,  former Mayor of Kolkata Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya, , who is also a leader of the CPI(M)  brought the matter to the notice of the Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court on 19th January and it was accepted by the honorable High Court .

Biman Basu, secretary of CPI(M) West Bengal state committee, said in a press statement on 19th January that ‘the civilized society is stunned by knowing how an innocent woman was brutally tortured by the police of Parui police station and TMC people from Saturday night to Sunday morning. In the last three and half years of TMC rule, the hooligans backed by the ruling party are organizing rampant attack on women. West Bengal has reached the top most place in the country regarding atrocities and terror against women including rape, murder and molestation. From the upper administrative level and police administration the anti-socials are being spared indirectly instead of handling those cases firmly. Police and TMC forces have organized this incident jointly. On behalf of CPI(M), we condemn the incident unequivocally. Protest rallies and street corners will be organized in the entire state against the brutal act on 20th January.’


20th January, 2015