Press Release The delegate session of the 21st Congress of the CPI(M) began in the afternoon of April 14. A seven member Presidium was elected to conduct the Congress. It consisted of: S. Ramachandran Pillai (Chairman), A.K Balan, M.A. Gafoor, Madan Ghosh, Mariam Dhawale, Jitendra Chowdhury, Rakesh Singha. The Congress elected the Polit Bureau as the Steering Committee. A Resolutions Committee consisting of Brinda Karat (Chairperson), Thomas Issac, Nilotpal Basu, K Hemalata, V.K. Ramachandran, and a Credentials Committee consisting of Sudha Sundararaman (Convener) K.K. Shailaja, Tikender Singh Panwar & Mridul De were also elected. Draft Review Report On the Political Tactical Line Prakash Karat, General Secretary, presented the Draft Review Report on the Political Tactical Line. The main features of the Review Report were highlighted in his two hour presentation. The Review covers the period of the past 25 years, from 1990-91 and the evolution of the successive political-tactical lines in this period. The review focused on assessing how the political-tactical line has helped the independent growth of a Left and democratic alliance. The report on the pre-Congress amendments was placed after this. The report was processed all the amendments received from Party members and Party units on the Draft Review Report. Altogether 1432 amendments and 136 suggestions were received. Out of these 29 amendments have been accepted. April 15 morning Session The discussion on the Draft Review Report began in the morning session. So far 13 delegates have participated in the discussion. They are: P Rajeev (Kerala), Amal Halder (West Bengal), Bhanulal Saha (Tripura), Kanakaraj (Tamilnadu), Ananta Deka (Assam), Dulichand (Rajasthan), Tikender Singh Panwar (Himachal Pradesh), V.V Dakshinamurthy (Kerala), Surender Singh (Haryana), K.G Das (Andaman & Nicobar), Mahendra Singh (Maharashtra), S Venkat Rao (Andhra Pradesh), Nityananda Swamy (Karnataka) & Vijay Misra (Punjab). Resolutions The Congress adopted two resolutions – “Against the Land Grab Bill” and “On the Occasion of 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar – – For a Special Session of Parliament”.