Press Statement

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) now in session at New Delhi has issued the following statement:

Gujarat: Declare Disturbed Area and Handover to Army

After the terrible communal violence in Ahmedabad, largescale attacks on the minority community and arson is taking place in other parts of Gujarat. The situation is bad in cities like Bhavanagar, Vadodara and Rajkot. The violence has spread to the rural areas too with reports of people being burnt alive.

The gruesome killing of 58 people travelling in the Sabarmati Express has shocked the country. The culprits responsible for this carnage must be identified and punished. The BJP-led government in Gujarat, while doing so, had the elementary responsibility to maintain peace and prevent retaliatory communal violence. What has happened in the state of Gujarat in the last two days is a shocking instance of State patronage to armed gangs to kill and burn with impunity. The police machinery is paralysed and in most places played a partisan role. .

The Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, has displayed outright communal bias and under his stewardship, the government cannot be expected to ensure the protection of all citizens irrespective of religion or community. It is therefore incumbent upon the Central Government to immediately intervene.

The Central Committee of the CPI(M) demands that the affected parts of Gujarat be declared Disturbed Areas and handed over to the army. Only this can provide security to those targetted for attack and create confidence among the people.

The Central Committee of the CPI(M) appeals to all sections of the people in Gujarat not to allow communal frenzy and the armed gangs to hold the state and people to ransom. All citizens and democratic forces around the country must be alert to see that communal elements are not allowed to create tensions and peace and communal amity maintained.

The Central Committee calls upon all its units to fully mobilise for the joint call given on 6th March by the Left parties to observe National Unity Day to foil the gameplan of the communal forces and for maintaining peace.