CPI(M) Polit Bureau Member, Brinda Karat, has addressed a letter to Commissioner of Police, Delhi, Shri SN Srivastava drawing his attention to inaccuracies in the police account of those who were killed in the communal violence in Delhi in February 2020. The letter sent this morning, is being released to the press.


The Commissioner of Police


Shri S,N,Srivastava ji,

I write to draw your attention to a serious inaccuracy in the police account of the number of those killed in the communal violence in February in north-east Delhi. In various affidavits before the court and in public statements made by the Delhi police officials from time to time the number of those killed has been put at 53. These include those registered earlier as “unknown” but who were later identified by the police.

However one of those killed Sikander s/o Muhammed Mullak (illegible) has not been included in the list. He was killed on 27-2-2020. In his inquest papers (quoted in the post mortem report no 435/2020,) it is stated “ “alleged history of being found in unconscious state below flyover Khajuri chowk on 27/2 at 11.30 am following which the individual was brought to GTB (illegible) where he was declared brought dead..” However he was not identified till March19 by his brother Md. Ishfaque.  After the identification, the original DD as unknown DD 39 A dated 27/2 was registered on 19/3 under the name of Sikander. In other words in police records Sikander has been identified as victim, by name on 19/3.

The postmortem report shows that he died of serious head injuries.

Sikander’s brother Md. Ishfaque has made numerous visits to the Khajuri Khas police station to ask for a copy of the FIR. However he has been told that no FIR has been filed. One of the police personnel reportedly said that “ the compensation will be managed” and his name “adjusted” in the list.

The family has been through terrible trauma. Ishfaque’s shop in Bhajanpura was burnt and looted. His sister’s home in Ghonda was attacked and looted.  And the youngest sibling Sikander was killed. Instead of treating the family with sympathy, the Delhi police by not registering Sikander as a victim has worsened their plight.

This is to request you to immediately intervene to (1) correct the list of numbers of those killed given to the High Court and include the name of Sikander, which makes it 54 killed (2) to give a copy of the FIR to Sikander’s family (3) to take action against those police personnel responsible for the inaccuracy and harassment of the victim’s family.

Yours Sincerely,


Brinda Karat