Draft Political Resolution

The Draft Political Resolution was introduced by Prakash Karat in the afternoon session on April 16.

The Draft Resolution calls for a strong response from the CPI(M) to counter the rightwing offensive ushered in by the Modi government and the BJP. This requires an intensified resistance to the aggressive pursuit of neo-liberal policies by the Modi government and the broadest mobilization of the secular and democratic forces to fight the communal danger posed by the Hindutva forces. Both these struggles should be conducted in an integrated fashion.

The Draft Resolution calls for priority in independent strength of the Party. It stresses the need for widening the ambit of Left unity. The Draft directs the Party to actively work for rallying the Left and democratic forces, so that progress can be made in forging a Left and democratic alternative.

A report on pre-Congress amendments was presented. Altogether 2,552 amendments and 248 suggestions were received. Of these 71 amendments were accepted, mainly to strengthen existing formulations, updating of events since the draft was released in January, and technical amendments.


Discussions on the Draft Political Resolution began in the evening session yesterday and is continuing on April 17. So far 18 delegates have spoken in the discussion. The discussion will conclude in the evening session.


The Congress adopted the following resolutions:

1. On Culture & Scientific Outlook
2. On Crimes Against Women
3. For Employment or an Unemployment Allowance – Make the Right to Work a Fundamental Right
4. On “The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill”
5. Oppose Violations on Net Neutrality and Enclose of the Internet
6. On the North East Region

(Hari Singh Kang)
For Central Committee Office