Press Release

Draft Political Resolution Adopted

The Congress adopted the Draft Political Resolution after a reply to the discussion by Prakash Karat. Altogether 44 delegates had participated in the discussion.

Delegates had proposed 473 amendments. Of these 55 amendments were accepted.

Political Organizational Report

The Draft Political Organisational Report was presented by S. Ramachandran Pillai to the Congress. Also a resolution for convening a Plenum on Organisation was introduced.

An organizational Plenum was held in December 1978 at Salkia and it gave specific directives for the expansion of the Party. The Party made efforts to implement the Salkia directives and made some progress. The 14th Congress made a review of the implementation of the Salkia directives and set out tasks. The subsequent Party Congresses also reviewed the organizational situation and formulated tasks. Despite this, many shortcomings and weaknesses are continuing and the Party has not been able to register substantial progress and increase its independent strength.

The Plenum will be held before the end of 2015.

The PB will prepare a questionnaire on the basis of which State Committees will prepare reports on the state of organization of the Party and mass fronts, the specific problems connected thereto, the ways in which these problems are proposed to be tackled and the task of rallying the Left and democratic forces in each state.

The PB will study these state reports and prepare a draft report and present it before the Central Committee for its consideration. After necessary amendments by the CC, the draft report will be sent to the State Committees.

The State Committees will then send their views on the draft report to the PB and CC on the basis of which a revised report will be presented to the Plenum.

Discussion on the Report and Resolution will be held in the afternoon session.


The Congress adopted a resolution on “Protest Against the Massive Rigging of Kolkata Municipal Elections”

Another resolution on “Custodial Killings of Undertrial prisoners in Telangana” was also adopted.

(Hari Singh Kang)
For Central Committee Office