May 17, 2004
Press Statement
The leaders of Communist Party of India (Marxist), Communist Party of India and Forward Bloc met today and issued the following statement:
On Election Verdict and Formation of Government
The Left Parties hailed the verdict  of the people in the 14th Lok Sabha elections.  They have decisively rejected the six-years of misrule by the BJP-led government.  The people’s mandate is against the communal platform, the harmful economic policies of the Vajpayee government and the pro-imperialist orientation. Not only the BJP but also its opportunist allies have faced  the people’s wrath. 
The Left Parties have registered a big success winning 61 seats.  This is a recognition by the people of the consistent role played by the Left in defence of secularism, the interests of the working people and opposing  the growing imperialist influence. 
The verdict is for the formation of a secular government at the Centre.  This was one of the main aims of the Left platform in the election campaign.  The Left Parties have, therefore, decided to extend support to the Congress-led coalition government, which is to be formed under the leadership of Smt. Sonia  Gandhi.  While extending support from outside, the  Left Parties will ensure that any machinations by the  BJP and the communal forces to destabilise the government  are foiled. 
The policy direction of the new government  is going to be determined with the formulation of a common minimum programme. 
(The leaders of the Revolutionary Socialist Party attended the meeting.  They informed that their Central Committee will meet tomorrow to decide the matter and will inform the other Left parties of their decision.)