Jammu & Kashmir State Committee of CPI(M) has sought the intervention from the leadership of India and Pakistan for ending the border skirmishes which have created a sense of uncertainty on Loc and International Border. In a statement issued on October 25, the J&K State Committee has said that “It is in the best interests of the people of the region that the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan take bold initiatives for cessation of hostilities that have taken a heavy toll on borders so far. We express deep and serious concern over the latest escalation in tension on Loc and International Border.”
The statement said that in no case, war or jingoistic approach is in the interest of the people of the two neighboring countries “The shelling from the other side of the border must come to an end with immediate effect. Such an aggressive posturing not only generates fear and panic among the inhabitants of border areas, but have the potential to escalate the situation beyond control. The inhabitants living near Loc and International Border have migrated en masse and their condition is said to be pathetic. The government must take measures to reach out to these families.”
The Jammu & Kashmir State Committee of CPI(M) firmly believes that for the last couple of years, despite many odds, there was a genuine commitment to better relations among political leadership in both New Delhi and Islamabad, even though some sections of the society in both countries were skeptical given the long history of conflict and mutual suspicion. The fragile relations between these two neighboring countries can be overturned in an instance by violence. The increased incidents of ceasefire violations on Loc and International Border unfortunately provide a room to jingoistic voices and warmongers.
October 26, 2013