The state committee of CPI(M) condemns the brutal killing of a young boy by the dominant caste forces for having married a girl from a different caste. Sankar (21) hails from Udumalpet of Tiruppur district of Tamilnadu.

Even though AIADMK government denies any incident of honour killing in Tamilnadu, such incidents do take place in the state. The killings no longer happen in the dark. They happen in broad daylight on busy roads. And the murderers flee away with deadly weapons. All these are indicative of the casteist fanaticism present in the state.

Tamilnadu has the history of witnessing major social reform movements. But it is sad to know that today honour killings are on the rise in the state. The violence and campaigns of casteist forces being allowed and the killers not being punished have been reasons for increased honour killings in Tamilnadu.

Therefore, we have all the more reasons to fight against untouchability and against the empty caste pride. These killings are done by the casteist and patriarchal forces that deny a woman her right to choose her life partner.

CPI(M) demands that the murderers be arrested immediately. Kausalya (wife of Sankar) and the Sankar’s family need to be given security and rehabilitation.

CPI(M) has been demanding for a separate law to curb such killings. CPI(M) MLA A.Soundararajan had introduced a private member’s bill in Tamilnadu Assembly demanding the same. But the state government rejected the bill without citing any reason. This reflects the government’s approach towards growing casteist attitude. CPI(M) requests all the democratic and progressive forces to condemn untouchability and casteist attitude of the government and protest against it.