• In Kerala it is the CPI(M) and other constituents of the LDF that have been at the receiving end of the murderous attacks mounted by the RSS and its outfits. From 2000 to 2017, Kerala police figures show that 85 CPI(M) workers  and 65 RSS workers were killed. 

• The very first day of the electoral victory of LDF in Kerala, the RSS attack began with the murder of CPI(M) worker Ravindranath while he was participating in the victory procession  of Comrade Pinarayi Vijayan in his own constituency.

• Apart from 13 workers of CPI(M) were killed,  250 suffered injuries by attacks of RSS; 60 Party  and mass organization offices were attacked; 165 houses of Party comrades were broken into by RSS attack.

• On the day of Amit Shah’s current yatra, in Karivelloor and Cheruvathur in Kannur district, RSS destroyed ATMs, attacked hospital and telephone exchange.  They also attacked the home of Comrade A. V. Kunhambu, leader of the historic Karivelloor struggle. 

• On June 8, 2017, bombs were recovered from RSS centres in Kodiyeri area and massive collection of arms were recovered in RSS office at Payyannur on 10th.

• In February, Nirmal, a 20-year old worker of the BJP Yuva Morcha was stabbed during a temple festival in Mannuthi. Five BJP-RSS workers were involved in his murder. 

Atrocities by RSS-BJP combine in 2017

• On July, 30, 2017 RSS workers attack and destroys the local committee office in Kurmpala Local committee office in Panthalam. DYFI activist Com. Shamnath attacked and hacked in Panthalam.
• Martyr manorial in Narangaanam in Pathanamthitta defaced. CPI(M) Comrades were attacked in Mylapra. RSS activists attacks people, comrades and Police in the locality.  In Kumpazha DYFI activists were attacked by RSS.
• In Konni, Malyalapuzha, Konni and Aruvipalam party and mass organisation offices have been attacked and flag posts have been destroyed.
• In Mallapally Zilla pachayath member Com Subin has been attacked.
• DYFI local secretary Shyamkumar and his father LC member Com. Shashidhran was attacked and  houses of comrades were destroyed.
• Large scale attacks and destruction of flag posts and have been taking place in Koduman.
• •In Eraviperur RSS workers attacked DYFI comrades. RSS unleashes attacks in Vennikulam poly technology institute and SFI comrades hurt.
• •RSS unleashes widespread attacks in Adoor.
• •Flag posts have been destroyed in Ranni.
• •Com. Muhamad Muhsin murdered in Allasherry area in Alapuzha.
• •Plus II student Ananthu Ashok was murdered by RSS activists in Vayalar region.
• •Cherthala Pallipuram NSS Higher Secondary School student Ansie has been assaulted by ABVP activists.
• •In Cherthala CPI(M) town east local committee office and CITU area committee office has been destroyed by RSS workers. Pallippuram local committee member Com. Prajesh has been attacked.
• .House of Com Anoop Venu, CPI(M) local committee member, has been attacked.
• •Gates of Vayalar martyrs memorial has been destroyed.
• •Flag post at Karthikapally area committee office has been destroyed.
• First week of June 2016 RSS criminals unleashed attacks in Alappuzha town. Offices of various mass organisations have been torched. In Mannar, Chengannur areas and Karthikapally town RSS and BJP tried to disrupt peace.

February 14: DYFI worker Com. Akshay has been attacked by RSS criminals in Ponnyam. RSS workers attack Irshad and Saurav. CPI(M) and DYFI flag posts were destroyed in Manjjodi.

Febraury 15: CPI(M) comrade Shakir had been abducted and attacked by RSS workers.

February 16: Peravur-Palapuzha CPI(M) branch office has been attacked by RSS goons. Police recovers bombs and other materials in RSS centers in Thalassery.

February 20: RSS torches office of SFI district conference organisation committee office.

February  22: At Ponnyam DYFI worker Chandini Pradeepan was attacked by RSS criminals.

26.02.2017: Party member Com. Harish has been attacked by RSS criminals.

8.03.2017: RSS activists hurls bombs in Ponnyam Nayanar road area, resulting injuries to public and CPI(M) comrades.

17.03.2017: In Kodiyeri south LC Com. Jojesh memorial was attacked with bombs.

20.04.2017: In Manjodi party member Maroli Raghavan has been attacked and injured by RSS goons.

05.05.2017: In Nanjarath, party member Com. Raveendran’s house was attacked. His daughter Nita was injured in the attack.

05.05.2017: Kodiyeri south local committee member Com. Rajeev Kumar has been attacked.

10.05.2017 : Thalassery municipal councilor Vijayan Master’s house has been attacked by RSS workers.

12.05.2017: In Parsikunnu, CPI(M) activist Com Madhu’s house has been attacked.

13.05.2017: Pariyaram medical college and payyannur co-operative hospital’s ambulance was destroyed.

21.05.2017: Com. Shaiju has been attacked by RSS goons.

23.05.2017: Com. U K Kunjuraman memorial has been defaced by RSS activists.

04.06.2017: Houses of CPI(M) Shankaranellur branch secretary CK Chandran and party member Kaipachery Ramesh Babu has been destroyed in bomb attacks.

06.06.2017: In Thalasshery Com. Sharath Sashi’ s house was attacked with bombs by RSS activists.

08.06.2017: In Kodiyeri party supporter Anil Kumar’s house has been destroyed in bomb attack by RSS goons.

08.06.2017: Bombs were recovered by RSS centres in Kodiyeri area.

10.06.2017: Massive collection of arms were recovered in RSS office at Payyannur.

03.07.2017 : CPI(M) worker and auto driver Com. Srijan Babu has been attacked and injured by RSS goons.