The just concluded Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal meeting of the RSS in Hyderabad, Telangana, has repeated its fabricated charge against the CPI(M) and its `so-called’ violence against the RSS cadres in Kerala.

The truth is the other way around.  Following the Assembly elections, on the day the results were being announced, the RSS mounted a vicious  attack in the Chief Minister’s constituency hurling bombs at the victory procession which resulted in the death of one CPI(M) worker and injuring many others.  

The RSS seeks through such politics of violence and terror, in addition, to sharpen communal polarization in predominantly Muslim populated areas of northern Kerala to increase its following amongst the people.  These are standard RSS tactics of seeking to expand its influence  through the unleashing of violence and terror leading to sharpening communal polarization.  Every single judicial commission of enquiry into communal riots all over the country since independence have severely indicted the RSS and their role in perpetuating communal polarization through violence and terror.

In the short duration that the current LDF government has been in office as many as five CPI(M) workers have been killed and around 300 of its members injured in brutal attacks launched by the RSS. Thirty five offices of the Party have been attacked and destroyed and eighty houses of Party workers attacked and damaged. The sheer volume of these concerted and planned attacks exposes the perfidy that the RSS is resorting to.

The RSS/BJP has always used the goebbelsian tactics of repeating a lie a hundred times and peddling it as the truth. While it is clear that it is the RSS which is mounting largescale attacks against the CPI(M) all over Kerala, it is fallaciously seeking to portray itself as the victim.

The CPI(M) state Secretary had called for talks with the RSS to restore peace and harmony in the affected areas.  The RSS refused to respond positively. In the State Assembly, the Chief Minister had announced the convening of an all-party meeting.  According to the latest information, the RSS did not attend the all-party meeting called by the Collector of Kannur district. It is, therefore, clear that the RSS appears determined to continue with its violence against the CPI(M). 

The RSS bluff shall be called.

The people of Kerala and the entire country are determined to defeat such diabolical politics of the BJP.