CPI(M) Central Committee member and Madhya Pradesh State Committee Secretary Badal Saroj has expressed concern over the increasing communal tension in Indore. Indore has been passing through serious tension for sometime and communal organisations under the protection of the ruling party are working in a planned manner, conspiring to push the city into communal unrest.
Suddenly dead bodies of animals being found in the city and presence of members of a specific organisation before even the police, administration and people reach there, is not a mere coincidence. In fact, the ruling party, unnerved by the increasing mass discontent, is now encouraging the time-tested criminal activities and wants to give long-term wounds to the city through polarisation for its short-term electoral interests, Badal said.
He called upon the state government to follow its ‘Raj Dharma’ before something untoward happens. CPI(M) salutes the glorious and rich traditions of Indore and hopes that its hard-working, intelligent and responsible citizens will play a positive role, keeping in view the delicacy of the situation and will not allow Indore to be made a play-ground of political leaders.
September 16, 2013