Peasants, agricultural workers and common people from Rajasthan, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh participated in thousands on the fourth day of the Left parties dharna on 2nd August. Leaders of the four Left parties criticised the government for its biased policies that are favouring the rich.


The central leadership of the four Left parties exposed the true character of the UPA – II government, which masquerades under the slogan of aam aadmi. They pointed out the fact that while the government is unwilling to supply food grains to all the deserving people in our country in the name of ‘excessive subsidies’, it does not mind providing ‘incentives’ to the rich in our country. These incentives, they pointed out, are in fact nothing but subsidies to the rich, given under the garb of tax concessions. These tax concessions are nearly to the tune of 5,28,000 crores according to the official statistics mentioned in the union budget as revenue foregone. Left leaders brought to the notice of the people that if this amount was used to provide food security, strengthen the PDS, subsidise fertilizers, provide seeds, MSP for the produce of the peasants and such activities, it would have benefited crores of our peasants and agricultural labourers who are reeling under severe agrarian duress. That the government is not ready to implement such measures itself shows the vacuous nature of their slogan ‘aam aadmi’. Today being Rakshabandhan, many women participants tied the Rakhi to the Red Flag stating that this is the best `brother’ today to protect them and their interests.


Sitaram Yechury, Polit Bureau member of the CPI (M), Atul Kumar Anjaan National Secretary of CPI, Manohar Tirkey, Member of Parliament of RSP, Jasbir Singh of AIFB addressed the protesters along with the state leaders of the four Left parties. Tapan Sen, General Secretary of the CITU, too addressed the gathering. Cultural troops of IPTA, Jan Natya Manch performed plays, while the participants sang progressive songs.


Dharna to culminate tomorrow


The five-day dharna of the Left parties will culminate tomorrow on the 3rd August.