At a solemn and moving solidarity meeting at Junaid’s home in the village of Khatawali, a CPI(M) delegation with Polit Bureau Member Com. Brinda Karat, Surinder Malik (Haryana State Secretary) and others handed over two cheque of five Lakhs each to Junaid’s parents, Jalaluddin and Saira on behalf of the Kerala State Committee of the CPI(M). This followed the meeting of the grieving parents with Kerala Chief Minister Com. Pinarayi Vijayan last month when he was visiting Delhi. At that time Saira, Junaid’s mother had said she wanted to start a school for girls and name it after Junaid.


Today reiterating the commitment of the Party to confront and defeat the dark forces that are responsible for mob lynchings like Junaid’s Brinda Karat said the funds are only a token of the strong feeling of solidarity that we have come here to express in this time of grief and distress. She strongly criticized the subversion of justice in the case as four of the six arrested have already been released on bail. Surinder Malik said Haryana Party will always be with you and will continue its multifaceted struggles against the BJP Government who he held responsible for the criminal killing of Junaid.