CPI(M) is leading a strong campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The party is determined to save the secular fabric of our country and stop the BJP from coming back to power.

Thirteen LDF candidates in Kerala submitted their nominations in Kerala March 30, even as opponents are struggling to even finalise candidates. The LDF is already far ahead with the campaign, receiving massive support from the people for the issues we are raising.

CPI(M) Central Committee member PK Sreemathy, candidate for Kannur constituency, submitted her nomination before the District Collector of Kannur. P Rajeev (candidate for Ernakulam), Innocent (Chalakudy), PK Biju (Alathur), P Jayarajan (Vadakara), A Pradeep Kumar (Kozhikode), AM Ariff (Alappuzha), Veena George (Pathanamthitta), PP Suneer (Wayanad), C Divakaran (Thiruvananthapuram), A Sampath (Attingal), and KP Satheesh Chandran (Kasaragod) submitted their nominations before the Collectors at the respective districts.

Comrade Sitaram Yechury addressed an election gathering in Thiruvananthapuram on March 31.

He also spoke at Pathanamthitta Parliamentary Constituency on April 1 while campaigning for the LDF candidate Com. Veena George. He said that certain reports which appeared in Malayalam media that he had advised Rahul Gandhi to contest in South India is baseless. It isn’t the job of Communist parties to instruct the Congress president to contest in which Constituency. We accept that the media has a right to report. But they must not abuse this right. They must be conscious about their responsibilities.

Com. Sitaram Yechury also addressed a public meeting held during the campaign of of LDF candidate Chittayam Gopakumar at Mavelikkara parliamentary constituency. He said that Narendra Modi is like the sleeping Chowkidar which we have read in fables. He merely makes announcements about the dreams – like startup and Swacch bharat – but never carries out his responsibility. This Chowkidar awaits a dismissal from his master – the people of this country.

Polit Bureau member and CM of Kerala Pinarayi VIjayan said while addressing a rally in Chalakudy that a secular government with alternate policies should come to power at Centre. A mere change in the name of Government would hardly serve any purpose.

Once we vote this government out of power, an alternative system should come in place. Alternate system does not imply a mere name change of the government. We have seen such name-changed governments in the past. What we need is alternate policies. A secular government with alternate policies should come to power. Our country is facing the damaging after-effects of the lack of an alternate policy.