The CPI(M) has increased the popular votes polled in the elections to the Lok Sabha (Lower House of parliament) since its formation in 1964. In the last few elections, contesting on an average 15 percent of the total seats, the CPI(M) has been getting around 5-6 percent of the votes.

In the 2009 elections the CPI(M) won 16 seats down from 44 it won in 2004. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections the CPI(M) won 16 seats.

In the (Rajya Sabha) Upper House the CPI(M) has 11 members. Vacancies to the Rajya Sabha are filled every six years. The members of the elected assemblies in the states constitute the electoral college for election to the Rajya Sabha.


West Bengal: Election Manifesto

Achievements of 7th Left Front Government of West Bengal

Economic Performance of West Bengal under Left Front Rule

Left Front Government & Development of Muslim Minorities in West Bengal




Performance in 15th Lok Sabha Elections

Performance of CPI(M) Candidates in Kerala, Tripura, West Bengal & in other states  [more..]


15th Lok Sabha Election Review

Review of the 15th Lok Sabha Elections Adopted by the Central Committee  of the CPI(M).[more..]

15th Lok Sabha Election Manifesto

Appeal for strengthening the Left and Democratic forces — formation of  an alternative secular  govt.  [more..]


15th Lok Sabha Campaign Material

सी पी एम की तीन मिसाल
केरल, त्रिपुरा और बंगाल
सी पी एम का साफ ऐलान,
न्याय पायें मज़दूर किसान  [more..]




Election Reviews


14th Lok Sabha Elections: 2004 Campaign & Related Material


In the wake of the conduct of the 2001 elections to the West Bengal assembly the CPI(M) initiated a discussion on the possibilities of reforming the  Election Commission. Given Below is the link to the note the CPI(M) brought out on that occassion

Election Commission  — A Case for Reform

State Assemblies


Though the electoral presence of the CPI(M) is uneven, it has representations in the following  state assemblies.


Present Strength in State Assemblies (2012)





Andhra Pradesh



Jammu &Kashmir






Odhisa          01





West Bengal