Press Release

A CPI(M) delegation comprising Brinda Karat, Member of the Polit Bureau and MP, Indrajit Singh, Secretary Haryana State Committee and the affected dalits from Gohana village met the Union Home Minister, Shri Shivraj Patil on the issues arising out of the incident in Gohana.

The Home Minister assured the delegation that on all issues regarding compensation, action against the guilty, he will immediately coordinate with the state government to take action. On the issue of action against SP and DC, he said he will discuss with the state government, inspite of the fact that the delegation pointed out that there was prima facie evidence against them for criminal connivance. The delegation pointed out to the Home Minister that even though several days have passed, not a single government minister or functionary has visited the grieving family of the 22 years old victim, Balbir Singh who was killed in cold blood. It is essential to give adequate compensation to the family.

The delegation giving details of the subsequent attack on the dalit colony pointed out that it was pre-planned with relatives of the MP of the area attending the panchayat meeting where it was openly declared that the dalits would not be spared. Yet no action has been taken against those responsible. Till today not a single arrest has been made of those responsible for arson, dacoity and loot.
The SP and the DC were present when the crowd was moving towards the dalit colony but even then they took no measures to prevent the attack. This the delegation pointed out amounts to criminal connivance. Action must be taken against the SP and the DC. As far as compensation is concerned, government must appoint an officer immediately to collect evidence and make concrete assessment of the loss which amount to lakhs of rupees.