On June 7,  Trinamool Congress goondas were forced to retreat when they attacked CPI(M) supporters in Chakda in Nadia district. This was the area where soon after the election results, TMC goondas brutally killed Com Bela Dey when she was trying to save her son who had been savagely beaten because of his defiance of the diktat to give up the red flag. 
When  the criminals came back to the area to terrorise CPI(M) supporters a brave group of women came out of their houses and faced the criminals with immense courage forcing them to retreat. Instead of arresting and filing cases against the attackers, the women have been implicated in false cases. Similar resistance was shown by residents, again led by women, in Nakshipara and Tehatta.
In Bolpur,  there was a targeted attack in Sathor where the houses of party’s Local Committee Secretary Alekh Molla and Sheikh Alim were ransacked by TMC goons.   TMC Criminals were encouraged by the release on bail by of one of their top leaders who had been involved in a brutal case of murder at Parui. They were also helped by the deliberate inaction of the police on the complaint filed by Rabina Begum, Molla’s wife after their house had been ransacked. The goons further attacked twelve more CPI(M) supporters homes. In the elections this area had voted for CPIM . The population in these two booths is mainly Muslim and the CPI(M) had won in both. The comrades here had earlier freed the local office from its illegal occupation by the TMC and had put back the red flag. This enraged the TMC which wanted to punish them.
At present all the families had taken shelter in the party’s zonal committee office. Now with the help of the Party and the general public they have been able to return to their homes